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Benefits of a Urine Drug Test

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Keeping your workplace drug-free and the assurance that your staff doesn’t use illicit drugs is one step to keeping the environment safe.

Unfortunately, you cannot monitor your employees twenty-four hours a day, nor can you control what they do in their free time. But while your control is limited, you can utilize other methods to discourage drug use among your workers.

Random drug screenings are increasing in popularity, with many employers including drug testing in the application process. There are different ways to conduct a drug test, and some employers feel that a urine drug test is best.

If you need help determining the right approach, here are three reasons to consider a urine drug test.

1. Non-invasive. This drug test doesn’t involve needles, which is a plus for your employers.

2. Cost-effective. Of all the drug testing methods, a urine drug test is the cheapest. The lower cost lets you screen more applicants or employees.

3. Fast results. You and your employees undoubtedly want to complete the process as soon as possible. It may take days to receive results from a blood test at a lab. However, a urine drug test can be completed at the workplace, and urine tests are often processed faster than blood work.

4. Tests for a variety of drugs. A single urine test is usually enough to check employees for a wide variety of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroine and marijuana.

Hate Needles? Ask for a Hair Test

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If you’ve been out of work for awhile, you may do whatever it takes to secure employment. This might include working a less favorable shift or accepting a lower salary – anything it takes to get your foot in the door.

But the fact that you have a stellar resume, plenty of education and a ton of experience may not be enough in a tough job market. Employers receive stacks of resumes and applications from equally qualified candidates. And narrowing down the job pool can be overwhelming and lengthy.

For this matter, some employees use drug testing to help select the best person for the job. As someone who’s anxiously looking for work, kicking a drug or alcohol abuse habit before starting the job search can work in your favor. Even if you arrive to an interview sober, a drug test can detect illegal drugs in your system.

Anyone on a job search should prepare for the possibility of a drug test. There are several ways to detect illicit drugs. If the employer requests a blood test, you may squirm at the thought of a needle. However, if you postpone the test due to fear, the employer may see this as an attempt to buy time, and he or she may become suspicious.

To avoid any misunderstanding, be honest with the employer. Ask about alternative screening methods, such as a hair test or a urine test. Other methods are just as effective, and unlike a blood test, relatively pain-free.


Ensuring a Safe Work Environment with Drug Testing

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As an employer, maintaining a safe environment is undoubtedly a top priority. The consequences of on-the-job accidents can range from loss of productivity to lawsuits. You may thoroughly train your staff and develop safety procedures to lower the risk of accidents, which are both good steps in the right direction. But there is more you can do.

During the application process, it isn’t enough to check an applicant’s references and verify their education. A complete background check, including drug testing, is key to choosing the right person.

You may feel what a person does in his or her spare time isn’t your business, as long as the person doesn’t come to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But whether an employee is intoxicated or not while at work, an employee who uses drugs outside the job is three times more likely to have an accident at work.

Even if the drug use occurred several hours before the start of the workday, the drug can linger in his or her system, increasing the risk of delayed reflexes and poor judgment calls.

Drug testing during the application process can weed out candidates early on. And random drug screenings at different intervals can ensure that the workplace remains safe.

Don’t think of this as an invasion of privacy, rather a method for keeping everyone safe.