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Why Buy An Alcohol Screening Test?

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Do you enjoy going to the bar, parties with your friends, or even dinner parties and have a few alcoholic beverages? If you have had a few too many drinks and you are planning to drive in the near future, then you may want to consider testing your blood alcohol level.

Testing your blood alcohol level can prevent you from getting pulled over and being arrested for driving under the influence. It can also prevent a possible vehicle accident and ultimately, save lives. It may seem a bit odd to pull out an alcohol screening at first in the middle of socializing with your friends, but you will be glad you did – especially if you are over the legal limit to drive.

You can purchase an alcohol screening test online. Typically, these tests are sold as a breath test or a saliva test. Both tests work extremely well: the choice is yours when it comes to what test best suits you.  The difference between the tests is with the breath test, you simply blow into a mouthpiece and a digital reading of your blood alcohol will display. With the saliva test, you simply place a testing strip inside your mouth and read the results.

You may also want to consider purchasing an alcohol screening test if you are a parent your child has come home smelling like alcohol. If this occurs, you may want to purchase a few tests to have at home just in case. Testing your child will ensure that you know if the child has been drinking underage, plus it can also prevent your child from lying to you.

Most children will not admit that they have been drinking to their parents. If you are able to prove to your child that he or she, in fact, has been drinking it may prevent them from lying to you again.

Why Buy a Drug Test?

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Are you the parent of a teenager? If you answered yes, then chances are high that one day, you will need to buy a drug test. A sad reality in today’s society is that some teens are trying drugs. To ensure your teen has a bright future ahead of him or her, you need to know whether your teen is using drugs.

If you suspect that your teen has tried drugs or worse – could be addicted to them – what can you do? Is your teen acting odd and you don’t know what to do? Are your teen’s grades dropping in school? If any of this sounds like behavior that your teen is displaying, you may want to administer an at-home drug test to confirm or deny your suspicions.

Alternatively, if you are a small business owner, you probably do not have the budget to outsource drug testing to another company to drug test current or former employees. This can be expensive. However, stocking up on a few drug test of your own can save you a substantial amount of money over time. In addition, it can also allow you to perform a test whenever you feel necessary. This is extremely important if an employee gets hurt on the job. You will want to rule out that the employee was under the influence of illegal substances.

One of the most commonly used drug test is the urine test. The testee simply has to urinate into a cup, thus providing you with their urine sample. It is recommended that you verify the urine sample is in fact a sample from the suspect. Once you have the sample, you can quickly discover if the suspect is or has taken drugs recently. Knowing this information is vital when it comes to keeping employees safe.

Employee Drug Testing: Things You Should Know

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If you are reviewing several applicants for a single position, you undoubtedly want to choose the best person for the job. But if all the applicants have similar experience, education and stellar references, making the right decision can prove challenging. There is, however, a way to narrow down the pool of applicants.

Several employers have begun random drug testing on job applicants and current employees. A drug test can reveal whether a person uses illegal recreational drugs. And since this activity can create dangers in the workplace and slow productivity, learning about an applicant’s recreational activities can help you decide the best person for the job.

Here are a couple of tips for employee drug testing.

1. Do not prolong testing. If you decide to conduct drug testing on potential applicants, do not wait too long. Ideally, you should complete the testing within 24 to 48 hours. With fast testing, there isn’t enough time for illegal drugs to flush from the applicant’s system.

2. Do not depend on looks. If a job applicant appears extremely professional and together on the interview, you may feel that drug testing isn’t necessary. However, looks can be deceiving. Like anyone else, this person could have a hidden addiction. It’s better to learn about the problem now – before you invest time and money in training this person.

Three Reasons to Get a Pre-Test Before a Professional Drug Screening

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If you’re scheduled to go in for a professional drug test, you might be nervous. There’s good reason to be anxious – even those who have never used illegal drugs before might test positive for them, due to the reliability of some testing procedures. Thankfully, there are at-home drug tests you can use on your own time. Here are three reasons you might want to use these tests before your official test.


  • Check if previous drug usage has passed out of your system. If you used to use illegal substances, but you are now clean, you may wonder if you will pass an official drug test. Taking an at-home test can ensure that the illegal substances have safely passed from your system.


  • Discover unexpected drug pollution. While you might not have ever used illegal drugs, there’s no doubt that you have probably (even unknowingly) spent time around those who do. In that case, you will want to know if you’ve been exposed to drugs long enough for them to get into your system.


  • Peace of mind. Getting tested for drugs can be nerve-wracking. There are so many ways you might accidentally test positive for drugs. When your employment lays on the line, it can be good to have the peace of mind that comes with an at-home drug testing kit. You’ll be able to walk into your official drug test with a smile and your head held high, knowing you’ll pass!


Most of these at-home drug testing kits are available for a low price, so check online for the very best prices. To ensure delivery before your official drug test, order at least two weeks prior to your testing date. Don’t take a chance – get an at-home drug test while there’s still time.

Before the Drug Test – What You Need to Know

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In a society where a great majority of the population uses some more of illegal drug or substance, drug tests have become the norm. If you’re required to take a drug test, there are a few things you should know before you go.

Know why you’re getting tested, and what you’re getting tested for. Are you getting tested for employment opportunities? Is your current employer looking to keep their workplace drug-free? Maybe your parents are simply worried, and want to make sure you’re clean? Whatever the reason, know what it is and what you’ll be tested for before the test.

Have all your paperwork with you. Before specimen collection, you’ll need to sort out all your paperwork beforehand. What’s required for the test varies with each facility, but make sure to at least bring your photo ID/driver’s license, or any other form of identification, such as a passport. Make sure that your employer provides any other necessary paperwork that must be signed, and that you bring it with you to the test.

Afraid you might fail? A lot of people are. The best way to prepare yourself is to go “cold turkey” on any drugs you may be using, and to make certain you don’t spend any time around those who might use illegal substances. It’s a bad idea, for instance, to ride in a car with someone who is smoking marijuana right before your test – you’ll test positive, despite not having taken the drug yourself.

One of the best ways of assuring your drug test results is taking one at home, prior to the required test. This way  you’ll have a better idea of how you might test, and what steps you may need to take in order to get a passing grade.

Drug Test Myth: Flushing System with Water

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Drug testing is common during the interview process. But employers are getting more and more particular, and many are beginning to conduct random drug testing on current employees.

If your boss notifies you of an upcoming drug test, you may approach the situation with panic or ease – depending on whether you’ve used illegal drugs in the recent past. If you believe that you may fail a urine drug test, you might think of every possible way to “beat” the drug test. And like some people, you may believe that drinking lots of water before your drug test will flush your system.

Yes, water has an amazing way of flushing toxins and excess sodium from the body. And if you’re looking to cleanse your system, this is the way to go. However, if you think that extra water will fool a drug test, you’re sadly mistaken.

Not only does this method fail to remove traces of illegal drugs from your system, it can raise red flags. Increasing your water intake dilutes your urine, reducing the body’s levels of creatinine. A urine drug test is able to detect the lower level.

It doesn’t matter how much water you consume, or how often you urinate before the test. Avoiding illegal drugs is the best way to deal with a drug test situation. But if the damage is done and you believe that you will fail a drug test, try and delay testing.

Depending on the relationship you have with your superior, it might be better to come clean and admit illegal drug use. Your employer may issue a warning, buying you time to clean up your act.


Repercussions of Failing a Drug Test

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If you view illegal drugs as nothing more than a recreational pastime, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Maybe you’re not into the hard stuff, or you only use recreational drugs on occasion. Regardless of the frequency, playing with fire can have serious repercussions. And not just with the law – but also with your employment.

Drug testing is becoming common at the workplace, and one bad decision can put your job – or future job – on the line.

Here are three repercussions of failing a work-related drug test.

1. You can miss out on new employment opportunities. You can have the skills, education and experience, but if you fail a drug test during the interview phase, an employer isn’t going to hire you.

2. Embarrassment and lost pay. If you’ve been on your job for awhile and you fail a random drug test, your employer may suspend you until you get help. This can impact your pay, and lead to shame since your coworkers are likely to know the reason behind your absence.

3. Negative employment reference. If you’re fired after failing a drug test, this can impact whether you’re able to find new employment. After you complete an application for a new job, the hiring manager of this company will probably contact your previous employer. If your previous employer reveals the reason for dismissal, the new employer may offer the job to another candidate.