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Restoring Trust Helps Support Recovery Goals

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While there are many reasons to buy drug test kits, perhaps the most important is the role that these tests can play in restoring trust between an individual working toward recovery and those impacted by the individuals drug abuse. That restoration of trust can be a strong support in the recovery process.

Broken Trust and Damaged Relationships

When a person sets out on the journey to recovery, it is not just the drug abuse and addiction that needs to be overcome. Broken trust and damaged relationships are part and parcel of substance abuse, addiction and the road to recovery. Relapses are a normal, even expected part of the recovery process.

Drug testing can be a valuable means of reestablishing trust and rebuilding relationships. Test results are visible proof of an ongoing, successful commitment to achieving recovery goals, proof that can ease an ex-spouse’s child visitation concerns or encourage a former employer to give a person another chance.

Being able to buy drug test kits at an affordable price online, in the privacy of your own home, makes it easy to offer solid reassurances regarding progress toward recovery goals. Those reassurances can help to heal relationships.

Strengthen Support System

The relationships that can be healed when you buy drug test kits and use them to verify recovery progress can serve as a vital part of the recovery support system so essential to long-term success. Those ongoing clean results can remove nagging doubts and allow people to believe that this time recovery is for real.

Increase Motivation

For the person working towards recovery, seeing those that have lost faith in the past gradually begin to trust him or her again can be a powerful motivating force. The desire to preserve and nurture that developing trust can strengthen the resolve to succeed in recovery efforts and help protect against relapse.

Buy Drug Test Kits As A Recovery Tool

Often drug testing is used as or perceived as an adversarial thing — a parent seeing if a teen is lying, proof of a parent being unfit for custody, used to catch a person in a lie or misdeed and so on. That clouds some of the most important benefits of drug testing, including its capacity to serve as a powerful recovery tool. Buy drug test kits not to prove a negative, but to prove a positive, to make the results of hard work and dedication visible to all.

Why It’s Important to Buy Drug Tests

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It is really important in today’s society, particularly in the workforce, to know as much about those who work around you as possible. Since identity theft is on the up rise and so many people falsify their information, having a means to verify information is important.   Such as verifying drug use as reported by employees, by performing drug testing in the workplace. Many employers are at risk by not knowing if their employees are drug users.  If an employee has drugs in their system, it can impact their job performance; especially if the job duties involve operating heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals or hazardous waste. If you are an employer, it may be worth your while to buy drug test and make it a part of the hiring process.  Below are some types of drug test that you can purchase to assure that your company is a drug-free environment.

Types of Drugs

Although all types of drugs in the workplace create a risk, you can buy drug tests based on different types of drugs or other substances that employees may be using.  These tests include testing for alcohol use, opiates, PCP-Phencyclidind, cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA, barbiturates, oxycodone and other drugs. When you buy drug tests, it allows you to detect employees who have falsified information during the application process.

Types of Testing

You can buy drug test based on a variety of types of drug screenings and testing preferences. Including hair testing, urine testing and saliva testing as described in more detail below.

Hair Testing

Drug testing that involves hair testing normally consist of obtaining the employees hair which is used to analyze a hair sample for testing of parent drugs as well as its metabolites. Samples can be taken from the employee’s head or from other parts of the body.

Urine Testing

Urine drug testing is one of the most widely used drug testing methods available.  It’s best known for its testing for illicit drugs.  Urine drug test involves two different types of test.  They include both a screening and a confirmatory test.

Saliva Testing

Drug testing that involves saliva, is most popular because drugs can be detected from drugs used as recently as a few hours up to roughly three days.

Other Types of Tests

Other Drug Tests

Other types of drug test consist of blood test or sweat test.  Drug tests can also be performed prior to or after employment.

Random Testing

Companies with random drug testing policies can buy drug tests where by employees are tested when they are caught off guard. This process can be streamlined so that it does not take a lot of time.  Managers can buy drug tests of this type as often as they find it necessary.

Random drug testing allows companies to implement their drug testing policies as frequently as possible where random names can be selected each time or some other type of random drug testing program.  Normally when you buy drug tests that involve random drug testing, the names are selected randomly, but targeted employees can selected with the proper arrangement as well.


The results of drug test are either positive or negative and are designed to make the work place safer and a more pleasant place to work.

In conclusion, all employers need each of their staff to be alert and perform at their best while in the work place.  Deciding to buy drug tests not only allows employers to keep abreast of their staff’s performance ability, but it also decreases the liability risks and provides them with peace of mind.

Why Use Hair Tests for Drug Detection?

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Employers, medical professionals, and others interested in figuring out a person’s long-term drug or alcohol history will turn to hair tests as their best choice. Hair tests offer many different advantages over urine tests, but the main one is the way it can detect drug usage up to 90 days prior to the test. In comparison, a urine test will only detect drug usage for the last 2 or 3 days for most drugs. However, that’s just the start of the many benefits hair tests offer over urine tests and why so many professionals buy hair test kits as the de facto standard to beat when it comes to drug testing.

5 Reasons a Hair Test Beats a Urine Test

If you are wondering whether to buy hair test kits or schedule urine analysis instead, here are a few more reasons why the hair test kits are a better choice.

1. Detect More Users – Since the tests are so sensitive to a myriad of different drugs, and they can detect usage for up to 90 days prior, it stands to reason that you will detect more users. This can help you make good decisions in hiring or in rehab. It can help you weed out poor job candidates at a higher rate with confidence.

2. Perform a Non-Invasive Test – Unlike urine tests, a hair test is done by grabbing a hair sample near the root in the back of the head. It is far less invasive of personal privacy than asking someone to pee in a cup or provide a blood sample. It can be done quickly without much embarrassment or fuss in any office setting. People who don’t do drugs will be more comfortable with this type of testing than with other forms of drug testing. Those that do drugs will know it’s not easy to beat.

3. Get Better Data – Urine tests aren’t as effective at detecting drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines. Drugs such as these and others are quickly excreted out of the body. Abstaining from them for 48 to 72 hours can usually beat a urine test. Since drug tests are scheduled ahead of time, it’s not hard to just abstain. However, a hair test will pick up usage over time, giving the tester much better data about what drugs the testee may have taken over time that would not show up in the urine test now.

4. Make It Hard to Cheat – There are plenty of methods out there to fool a urine test. There is urine substances and powders to mimic urine that anyone can buy off the Internet before a urine test. Even the temperature of fresh urine can be mimicked. To make it much harder for cheats to bypass testing, a hair test is not so easy to fool. Even if they were to shave all the hair off their head, that’s a pretty clear statement that they know they wouldn’t pass.

5. Repeat a Similar Test – If the test results are challenged for a urine test, the likelihood of passing the second test after a few days is higher than with a hair test. With a hair test, you can go back to the same area of the head or body that you pulled the sample from and pull another nearby sample, thus replicating the test more effectively. It won’t matter if the testee has abstained from further usage during the time in between the two tests.

Convinced hair tests are the way to go for future drug testing? Then, buy hair test kits online at

The Advantages and Disdvantages of Using Drug Test Kits

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Drugs have been an issue for many years in this country and they continue to create problems. A lot of parents choose to use drug test kits to keep an eye on their children and keep them drug free. Employers use these kits because they want to ensure their employees are drug free. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using these test kits and you need to be aware of both before you purchase one.



Taking a drug test can be time consuming. Although these tests are simple, you can waste a substantial amount of time traveling to the clinic or facility where you have to take the drug test. Instead of leaving your home and wasting gas, you can purchase drug test kits and use them as you need them.


Unlike other tests and kits, drug test kits are not difficult to use and there are not any complex instructions to follow. These kits do not require other people to be present, so they can be performed without professional supervision.


When you have to leave your home to take a drug test, the results are not immediate. It can take anywhere between three days to a few weeks to get the results. When you use home drug test kits, you receive the results immediately.


Instead of scheduling an appointment and walking into a clinic where everyone knows your business, you can use the drug test kits in the privacy of your home. These kits can be purchased online and discreetly delivered.



One primary disadvantage of using drug test kits is they can be manipulated. Although manipulating a drug test is not common knowledge, it is still a factor. There are many different ways an individual can cheat on a drug test. This is a problem because parents who decide to drug test their children can be provided with false results.

False Results

Another concern and disadvantage of these testing kits are fake results. Fake results are commonly referred to as false positives. A few common causes of a fake positive are poppy seeds and over-the-counter cold medication that is consumed in high doses. A false positive can cause a person to lose their job and other unfortunate events may occur. Even if you are using a home drug test kit, individuals can be falsely accused.


Price can be a major concern, especially if you are on a budget. When you have to go into a facility for a drug test for a job or similar instance, the company pays to have the test performed. Paying for drug test kits can be hard on your wallet, especially if you plan on purchasing them on a regular basis.

Testing Types

There is more than one type of drug testing kit. Depending upon the type of drug you are testing for, you have to have a specific kit. Marijuana, cocaine and heroin cannot be tested with the same drug test kits. Using the wrong kit can cause misleading or false results.

5 Types of Illegal Substances

There are five different types of illegal substances you can test for, including:

  • THC
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines

Four Reasons To Have An At-Home Hair Test Kit

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With drugs so much in the news and more employers and even schools turning to drug tests to ensure that people are safe and not under the influence of drugs for everything from pre-employment screening to after-school activities, there are a number of very good reasons to have a hair test kit in your home. These are only four of the myriad possible reasons!

1. You believe you or a loved one might have been inadvertently or intentionally exposed to drugs.

Not everyone who comes up with a positive drug test has drugs in their system willingly. Drugs such as MDMA or “molly,” Ecstasy, rohypnol or “roofies” and others can be slipped into a cocktail or soda without the intended recipient knowing, resulting in accidental drug consumption and leading to very real physical and emotional hazards. Having a hair test kit in your home can help you determine what you, a friend or your child might have ingested besides that delicious sangria punch or that soft drink, giving you evidence that something happened. From that point it’s up to you and law enforcement to find out how and why it happened.

2. You want to check yourself or your child prior to screening for employment or extracurricular activities.

Maybe you or your child has used drugs in the past and you want to make sure any drug testing will come back clean, you want to make sure there hasn’t been a relapse or simply avoid embarrassment by knowing ahead of time what you can expect. A hair test kit shows a positive result long after saliva, blood and urine tests can no longer detect traces of drugs. If the hair test kit reveals drugs are currently present in high concentrations, you may wish to use a urine or other kit for verification purposes.

3. You have noticed unusual or hostile behavior from your adolescent.

We all know and understand that puberty turns many kids into hormonal time bombs, largely because we’ve all been there. However, we also understand the difference between a “normal” adolescent outburst and a complete 180 in behavior, mood, interest in activities or family events and so on. Illicit or recreational drug use often results in sullenness, withdrawal, hostile or angry outbursts, listlessness or sudden changes in eating or sleeping habits. A home hair test kit is fast and simple to administer, and can help give you a talking point to try to figure out what is wrong if the test is negative, or help your teen get help if the test is positive.

4. You want to check a renter, prospective boyfriend/girlfriend, potential lover or for other reasons.

We have a lot of people come in contact with our families on a daily basis. Many of them have the best of intentions and stay drug-free, but what if they don’t? Your new tenant may seem nice, your babysitter may come highly recommended and appear to have a heart of gold, and that nice person you met online may just be The One. However, while you should always trust your instincts, you also need to consider your own and your family’s safety first. A hair test kit is a simple and discreet way to make sure this person follows your drug-free lifestyle.

Getting and having a hair test kit is relatively inexpensive, but the peace of mind you’ll have is worth its weight in gold. Keep a hair test kit in your home, and sleep better knowing you’re doing one more thing to protect your family from drugs.