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Hair test kits

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Hair drug test is a very effective way to learn about an individual’s drug use history. It has become one of the most trusted methods used in drug detection and is widely employed by law enforcement officials and organizations. Parents have also embarked on using hair test kits to test drugs on their teenage children as there are various easy-to-use hair drug tests that can be performed at home using available kits.

The most common hair test kit that is used to check for drugs is the HairConfirm drug test kit. This kit is ideal for individuals who want quick results that are accurate. It comes with packed clear instructions on usage that are simple to follow. HairConfrim drug test kits are available in three different types; HairConfirm regular, HairConfirm express and HairConfirm prescription.

Both HairConfirm regular and express screens for seven illicit drugs including Opiates, Cocaine, Marijuana, and methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ecstasy and PCP. HairConfirm Prescription on the other hand is quite advanced than the aforementioned and not only tests for the seven illicit drugs, but also screens for five prescription drugs including Hydrocodone such as Vicodin and Lorcet, Oxycodone’s such as Oxytocin and Percocet, and the Hydromorphone Dilaudid.

The above mentioned hair test kits perform on the same principles and applies the same process to screen for drugs in the hair. As one of the body parts, hair receives its nourishment from blood. If the drugs had been taken, per se, they are absorbed in the body and become part of the blood. As hair receives its nourishment, the drugs dissolved in the blood are embedded in the hair shaft. It takes approximately two weeks for the drug that is in the affected hair to surface above the scalp. This hair is then cut and screened for drugs using HairConfirm test kit.

The major advantage of using any of the HairConfirm test kit packages in drug screening is that it give a detailed analysis of drug use history of the suspected individual. In addition, performance of an assessment of the hair dose is also possible in order to detect whether the user is a high (constant), medium (weekly) or low (occasional) user of the drug identified. Regardless whether an individual uses hair shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, bleach or any other hair chemicals, HairConfirm offers accurate results of the various drugs identified (excluding marijuana).

Drug testing your children will help establish when they started abusing the identified drug/s. this will aid you in determining the type of counselling they need because in extreme cases, they might require to visit a rehab to recover. In other situations, you may have the opportunity to advise them before the situation gets out of hand. Either way, use of hair test kits such as HairConfirm is among the most convenient methods of drug testing that is both convenient and accurate, and offers results over a short period of time.

Drug Test Kits for Home or Business

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Get quality, affordable drug test kits quickly for home or business. Whether you need them for alcohol or other drug types, drug test kits are ready to use. They are accurate and instructions are simple. Multiple testing kits are available as well as single use kits. Everything necessary for testing is packaged; gloves in vinyl and latex, containers for specimens and urine adulteration test are also available.

Companies in need of immediate results matched with accuracy, will find these tests useful. A drug free environment is a positive environment, producing better productivity, and a safer workplace. Knowing a company is capable of drug testing at any moment promotes employees to leave the use of drugs out of the workplace and out of their body. People using drugs fail to show for work and are more apt to cause injury. This increases the cost of insurance and may be harmful to other employees. Reliability is essential in the workplace, and a drug free employee makes better decisions.

Alcohol tests are offered in saliva or breath types. Use drug test kits at home and get results immediately. Home delivery makes test uniquely special. Get answers fast on drug results. Kits are sold in 1 to 12 panels and approved by the FDA, kits are designed to easily test for drugs that are more popular but will alert tester to many others.

Use test in a wide range of industries, schools, construction, manufacturing, restaurants and transportation. Drug tests kits save money and lives. People operating heavy machinery or preparing food can make dangerous mistakes it is important to know if your company is carrying this kind of dangerous liability.

Result from these tests are available for cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana, methamphetamine, oxycodne, ecstasy and many others. This includes prescription and street drugs. Tests are hospital accurate and you use them in privacy. Use test in the workplace, allowing faster employment results. Test people after an accident and determine if personnel is ready to do an important job. Companies screening for drugs in the work place no longer need to wait for costly laboratory results.

The accessibility of illicit drugs ad prescription drugs makes it useful for parents and the workplace to obtain and use drug tests kits.  Might easily be a sign f drug use. Erratic behavior or poor grades in school might easily be a sign of drug use. The purchase of a drug kit is one way to find out. Schools, jobs and medical facilities are busier and require quick decisions. This can only happen if workers are drug free. Drug test kits help keep any industry free of drug abuse.

Things You Need For Drug Testing In the Workplace – Buy Drug Tests

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Workplace drug testing comes with numerous challenges for the human resources and the company administrators. Drug testing policies, though, still have numerous benefits. It creates safer environment and increases workplace productivity. Below you will see:

Things you need for Drug Testing in the Workplace

Your company’s drug testing policy is as effective as its level and type of enforcement. To enforce the drug testing policy, here are the essential things you should obtaining.

  • Drug Testing Policy

Obtain a written drug policy and must be signed by all employees. What if one of your workers refuses to sign the drug test policy? It would be legal to fire such an employee who refused to sign the policy acknowledgment, but that should only be done after the employee has been warned in writing and the presence of witnesses.

The alternative to this hard-line approach would be to hold a mandatory staff meeting whose agenda is “distribution of new drug-testing policy”.

  • Abuse education and resources

Despite that most of the employees may not use drugs and could be devoted to the drug-free workplace, it is imperative to offer drug abuse education and resources to your employees.

  • The drug abuse education can encompass.
  • Educational DVDs on workplace drugs abuse.
  • Inviting an addiction counselor or drug specialist to speak to your employees.

At every of the above drug abuse education platforms, you should go over your company’s drug testing policies and remind the employees of the disciplinary policies for drug use.

  • Acquire Drug Testing Supplies

With the advancement of technology today, drug testing kits can be purchased online through online buy drug tests. It is important to, prior to contacting the drug testing company, the type of drugs you would want to test. There are numerous drug testing kits that can test for specific drugs including:

  • Hair testing kits.
  • Urine testing kits
  • Saliva testing kits
  • Alcohol testing kits

Choosing the appropriate drug testing kits is up to the administrator or management. For instance, most organizations choose the 5-panel urine drug testing kits that test for meth, opiates, cocaine, PCP, and marijuana.

However, with the rising drug abuse problem, many firms may opt to buy drug tests 10-panel drug test to allow prescription drug abuse detection.

  • Implement an Employee Assistance Program.

The EAP is a confidential program that offers assistance for employees fighting with drug abuse and addiction. Today, many health insurance programs bundle the EAP program with the conventional health insurance policies.

Many firms say that offering EAP resources while counseling is a very cost effective way of addressing drug abuse.

  • Consider specific state laws

Don’t forget to check the state-specific requirements. Each state has its set of rules and regulation on employee drug testing. In Virginia and Illinois, for example, firms cannot demand that job applicants or employees pay for testing themselves. For employee drug testing laws specific to your state, check the U.S. Department of Labor.

Every state has its Drug-Free Workplace program – if you adhere to the rule and requirements defined in the program, you’ll be given certain protections.

How to Detect Drug Abuse in Employees

It may be difficult to detect addiction and drug abuse among employees. However, you can offer training on how to recognize the signs of drug and substance abuse.

Different drugs will have different signs and symptoms. Therefore, it will be important to organize for training and resources on the signs and symptoms of the individual drugs.


In spite of the challenges that the drug testing policy will pose, buy drug tests investments efforts will improve productivity and save your company money and increase productivity.

Buy Drug Test Kits for Home and Workplace Security

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You need to buy drug test kits to put your mind at ease as a parent or to ensure that you have a drug-free work environment, and you can select from a wide range of options to specifically meet your criteria. These tests are designed for easy use and can cover a wide range of abused substances. You can utilize them if one of your children needs some additional monitoring or to perform testing related to a personal workplace, for athletic events and much more.

Alcohol Screening Options

You can purchase a digital alcohol detector for alcohol testing on the go. The standard package includes a 9V battery, car adapter and carrying bag. Great for on the spot testing.

Alternatively, you can use the alcohol saliva strip testing method. These little strips are easy to carry, and you will receive the results quickly. Both of these are affordable measures to ensure that alcohol is not being used by teens or employees while at work.

Multi-drug Testing Kits

If you are going to buy drug test kits for general tests, such as part of a pre-employment screening, then a multi-drug testing kit is a good choice. These are available in several forms, depending upon how many drugs are tested with the kit. For instance, a five panel will test for the five most common drugs, while a ten panel tests for twice as many.

The greater number of drugs tested, the more accurate your results will be. While the basics of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and opiates are all good tests to have, there are many more substances out there that are abused daily. During a pre- or post-employment screening, your employee will have the opportunity to reveal if they are taking any prescription medications that may show up in the test. A test covering these types of abuses is good business practice.

Single-drug Testing Kits

Perhaps you are aware that you need to test for one particular drug. This is sometimes the case with parents, who have been through drug abuse and treatment issues with their teens. If the child prefers a particular drug or couple of drugs, it makes sense to buy drug test kits that focus on those chemicals.

Additionally, single-drug kits may be useful in the workplace. For instance, if you smell marijuana on a job site, you can test everyone there for THC, rather than using a more expensive kit that will test for other unsuspected substances. Also, if one of your employees has revealed a past drug problem related to a particular substance and begins to act abnormally, in the same manner as someone using that drug, you may just focus your test there.

Other Supplies

In addition to the drug testing kits, you will need a few supplies for collection and testing purposes. You want gloves to keep your hands sterile and protected. Additionally, you will need to replace certain parts of your testing supplies. For instance, new specimen cups for urine samples and mouthpieces for the breath alcohol test kit.

When you buy drug test kits, you make an investment in your future and your peace of mind. You will have the tools available to ensure that your child stays out of trouble and that your workforce remains clear-headed. Select the ones you need today and start sleeping better tonight.

Hair Drug Testing Kits for Universities and the Work Place

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Using hair testing kits for the purpose of detecting various drugs that individuals may be taking has become quite popular over the last few years. The reason for the rise of hair test kit purchases is because hair drug testing is currently the only accurate method of drug testing available that is specifically used to detect drugs that had been in the system beyond two days time. These tests are used if an employer, university administrator or athletic organization suspects a subordinate of long-term substance abuse.

The Reliability of Hair Testing Kits

Testing the hair’s follicle for drug absorption is a simpler, less invasive procedure than drawing blood or having the individual urinate into a sterile cup. While these procedures may be just as easy to administer from the individual being tested, false positives and negatives are often the case with these testing methods. More customers buy hair test kits to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

It is difficult for the person being tested to falsify readings from the drug test. As some may believe, it is not possible for the person, knowingly or not, to manipulate the test for or against themselves by administering straightener solution to their hair, washing it prior to testing, coloring their hair, or possibly exposing themselves externally to drugs that may be in the air. Results after you buy hair test kits are not affected by the hair’s natural color as others may believe.

How Hair Test Results Are Measured

The hair’s follicle, as it grows out from the root, absorbs and collects the broken down drug molecules that flow through the body’s blood stream, becoming trapped in the staff of the hair for as many years as you keep that part of your hair, not having it cut off. Once at least 60 milligrams of your hair, or up to 100 individual strands, is cut from as close to your scalp as possible, usually at least 1 1/2 inches from the root of the hair, a lab technician will thoroughly cleanse the hair sample before testing it. The actual test is completed using a process involving enzyme-immunoassay.

Enzyme-immunoassay testing will accurately expose any drugs for which the individual being tested has used within seven to ninety days, according to how long the strands being tested are. This type of test is best if the person ordering the test to be taken suspects chronic drug abuse. This test is able to detect prescription drugs, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, PCP and Meth. After you realize this accuracy, you may wish to buy hair test kits in bulk to save on shipping.