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The Ins and Outs of Hair Drug Testing Kits

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There are many reasons that you might want to purchase a drug test kit. Employers, employees, students, parents, and more, all may come to a point when it is necessary to test someone else, or themselves, for the presence of drugs in a person’s system. Along with the variety of people looking to purchase a drug test kit, there comes the types of kits available. Urine and blood tests are very accurate, but also more expensive, whereas a hair testing kit is readily available for purchase and much simpler to use. No matter the reason, knowing the ins and outs of hair drug testing kits will tell you if it’s the right fit for you.

Hair Test Kits

Hair drug tests measure the number of drug molecules inside of the hair shaft. It uses this portion of the hair strand to eliminate the risk of having a contaminated sample, as well as to negate the fact that someone could have been in a room where drugs were smoked, without actually using. It is also notable that the inside of the hair cannot be altered by cleaning solutions (shampoo, bleach, etc.) so it gives the best result.

Hair Samples

Body or Head Hair

For the best possible results, about 115 to 120 hairs are needed for the drug test. It will look to be about the width of a straw and it is always possible to take the test prior to a haircut; which eliminates uneven hair afterwards. Body hair may be used if necessary, but more accurate results are yielded from head hair.

Short Hair

The length of hair isn’t as important as the amount of hairs in the sample. The hair can be short, and still give accurate results. If there isn’t enough hair on the head, hair from the underarm, chest, or pubic areas can be used. Never mix the two types of hair to get a larger sample.

Hair Color

It has been scientifically shown that the color of a person’s hair does not affect the results of a hair drug test. Dark or light or anywhere in between, hair color does not matter.

Speed of Hair Test Kits

These kits can detect drugs in a head hair sample as soon as five days after a drug was used. Body hair grows slower, so it would take longer to show drug use within a body hair sample.


Hair drug test kits have little to no standing in court. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to prove that one hair sample belongs to a specific person, even if the hair color is the same. A blood test can be used in court because of DNA matching, so if you are going to court and need to use a drug test, follow up your hair drug test with a blood test.

If you are an employee and are screening employees, a parent testing a child, a loved one testing a friend or family member, or using the test for your own personal use, then the hair drug test is perfect for you. It gives you accurate results and you can manage the test on your own without any formal training or skill. Make sure to remember that if you get a positive result, you take the proper steps. If you need help, contact a drug rehab specialist, or if you cannot hire someone based on the positive results, that you give them proper notice and a copy of the results.

The Differences Between Hair and Urine Testing For Drug Screening

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There are two major drug test kits that are used as alternatives to blood testing. These tests use either hair or urine for analysis. Which kind of testing is right for you? Here are some of the differences between the two kits to help you figure out what kind of testing you want.

Urine Test Kit Advantages

  • Simple Analysis Process
  • Large Sample
  • Easily Stored
  • Non-Invasive
  • Drugs Are More Stable And In Higher Amounts
  • Some Drugs Have Long Testing Windows

Urine test kits are probably the easiest to use and most widely available drug testing methods. The reason is that the analysis can be done immediately after the sample is given with a simple test strip. This requires little to no training, extra waiting or lab fees. Employees can have the process over with quickly and employers can get the results sooner.

Urine testing also has the benefit of a large sample. Unlike blood, urine can be collected as needed for testing in fairly large amounts without concern. The testing can also be easily repeated multiple times with the same sample using drug specific tests.

There is some convenience to urine testing besides the immediate results. Urine samples can be easily kept refrigerated or frozen for short periods of time without detriment to the sample. The nice part about that is, if you want to perform further testing on a sample it can be used again in the future.

Urine tests are also considered a non-invasive way to conduct drug screening. There is no pain from needles or effects from a blood draw with a urine test.

The drug metabolites in urine also tend to be much more stable and in larger concentrations in urine. The benefits are that you don’t need to worry as much about a sample degrading quickly before testing and you will have a better chance of detecting a drug using urine than another bodily fluid such as saliva. A few drugs have a very large window for testing between use and test. For example, benzodiazepines can be detected for up to 21 days and cannabinoids can be detected for up to 60 days.

Hair Test Kit Advantages

  • More Sensitive Test
  • Longer Time Period For Detection
  • Less Intrusive
  • Determine Pattern Of Drug Use
  • Inability To Alter Results
  • Reliably Tests Different Between Poppy Seeds and Opiates

Hair test kits are becoming a very popular way to conduct drug screening. Hair testing can be incredibly sensitive to many different drugs. Hair drug analysis is over twice as sensitive as urine testing. The detection period is also much longer, up to 6 months.

Hair testing is considered even less invasive than urine testing, only requiring a small hair sample. With that sample, you will be able to determine patterns of drug use, as well as if a person has stopped using when they say they have.

Hair samples cannot be altered or tampered with like other kinds of samples can. Shampooing, conditioning and other hygiene methods cannot change the effectiveness of hair analysis.

There have also been stories of other drug test kits testing positive for opiates when the person giving the sample had only eaten poppy seeds on a breakfast food. Hair drug test kits have been shown to reliably tell the difference between poppy seeds and opiates.

Both drug test kits are great blood test alternatives for any setting, from workplace to home. You can weigh the benefits for yourself to determine what drug testing method is right for you.

Accurate Drugs, Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements are Calculated When You Buy Hair Test Kits

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Medical Professionals, teachers, parents, employers, law enforcement officials and many others now buy hair test kits, due to the highly accurate results from these hair analysis kits. Buy hair test kits and find out how effective this test is for substance abuse. One thing is that many older children and adults did not know that these drugs remain in your system for up to 90-days. This drug test kit shows a clear and concise history of taking illegal and legal drugs.

This kit has many benefits and tells your doctor what your system is lacking in your body, such as calcium, magnesium and chloride. Low vitamin and low mineral supplements lead to an unhealthy path. These test kits offer you a chance to correct an illness before it gains a foothold in your life, such as low calcium leading to osteoporosis.

Blood in the human body is essential for you to stay healthy, free from illnesses and disease. You may be surprised to find out that the blood circulating in your body is the element that helps your hair grow. Your blood collects all the elements that you ingest in your body and eventually these same elements to reach your hair follicles

When you are doing a hair test and you are counting on accuracy, you need at least 110 – 120 strands of hair, that are at least, .5 inches long, cut as close to the scalp as possible. This offers you a 30-day look into the drugs consumed by you over the last 30-days. Never suppose that you can collect hair follicles from a brush or comb and expect it to be accurate. If you want a long history of drug use, you will need to cut longer hair follicles of at least 1.5 inches. You then send your hair to a specialized laboratory to read the results.

You can collect at least 120 hair follicles at various areas on the scalp, and this will not affect the outcome of the results. When you buy hair test kits you find that there is a collection foil. Lay your hair follicles in the same manner on the foil. There is an envelope in which you place the foil holding your hair follicles in order to send the hair sample to the specified laboratory for analysis. Postage is generally included when you buy hair test kits.

Some test kits allow for the collection of body hair versus using scalp hair. You must read the directions on the product pages to see what the differences have between collecting scalp hair versus body hair. Be sure to keep the root ends of the hair aligned when they are placed in the Collection Foil. Put your Foil in the envelope provided and ship it out in the laboratory for analysis.

Drugs are not the only thing that doctors search for in your body. These test kits are a very valuable asset and help doctors to determine what vitamins, minerals, and supplements you may be lacking in your body. For instance, you find that your calcium levels are very low when you have a hair analysis done, and this can lead to osteoporosis. High or low Potassium levels lead to heart problems. Every vitamin and supplement in the human body have a job to do. If you are lacking one of these minerals you will eventually have health problems and disease processes gaining a foothold in your body.

Buy hair test kits for a clear, accurate reading of what you have or do not have in your hair from blood deposits within the hair shafts.

Reasons to Buy drug tests – ExpressDrugTest

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Buy drug tests today! There are various high-quality single-use drug tests and home drug tests kits at low prices to professional and home user. The home drug tests are simple to use and can be carried out by any person.

The tests just require you to take urine or saliva sample to complete the test, and you’ll have results within 20 minutes. The tests can be carried out within the privacy of your home, where you can utilize them to test for various drugs, at reasonable prices.

The drug test kits are solid and lightweight, making it to ship and use from anywhere. The tests come in individual packaging to assure privacy. There are various drug screen choices to meet individual or professional needs and preferences, for the drug test kit you’re looking for, ExpressDrugTest has everything you need. We have a line of substance abuse test kits that cover opiates, MDMA, barbiturates, cocaine, oxycodone, PCP-Phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, THC, amphetamines and more.

The drug test kits can be used for easy and fast of drugs such as

  • Hair Test
  • Alcohol Screening
  • Multi-Drug Panel Test
  • Multi-Drug Multi-Line Test
  • Urine Adulteration Test
  • Integrated Cup 2 Test
  • Single Drug Tests

Substance abuse test are being taken more like a routine scanning process in pre-employment, school, sports, workplace and even more destinations. Home drug testing has also become popular because it lets a low-priced and fast substitute decide substance abuse for your teen, child, spouse or family member that may have an alleged drug consumption problem.

The drug of abuse (DOA) testing results are accessible in only 20 minutes, which renders it a great way of processing fast prescreening for your urine drug test sample. The test results are easy to understand – one line for every test shows the existence of the drug (positive test results) and two lines shows out the absence of drug (negative test results). Without such knowledge and access to a drug test, you may be forced to pay huge amounts to laboratories to undertake the preliminary procedure, and you still have to wait for too long. Now you can afford to buy drug test kits and obtain exact results in very few minutes.

The drug test kits are highly accurate proving >98% for clinical test results. However, you should remember that the urine drug test kit is used just to give the first round test results and are used for prescreening purposes. . A more precise chemical technique is applied to obtain a definite analytical result.

Gas chromatography (GS) is accepted as the positive technique of choice by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Therefore, if you don’t get positive test drug testing results, you may verify the substance abuse reputation with the laboratory.

Buy drug tests at ExpressDrugTest, we have products that include laboratory based drug screening tests and instant drug tests. All of the drug test products we sell are made by renown companies that have adopted rigorous manufacturing standards to the highest level.

Whether you’re maintaining a drug-free workplace, seeking a safer family and home, protecting your sports organization or school, complying with court requirements or just complying with the state and federal regulations, our instant on-site drug tests will offer you the ideal solution. If you wish to buy drug test kits in any volume or quantity, allow us to give you unmatched bargains on our high-quality drug test devices.

We aim to make your drug testing as fast, easy and affordable as possible. Kindly call us at 1-866-679-4373 or contact us to buy drug tests, make an order or fax us your order today.

Benefits of Drug Testing for Employers

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If you’re considering to buy drug test kits or not for your employees, you may wonder what the benefits of drug testing are. When it comes to drug testing there are far more benefits and any negative information is usually inaccurate. Today, we will go over the advantages to see how your business can truly benefit from drug testing.

Popular Arguments against Drug Testing

Critics of drug testing usually have the number one argument that it is too expensive and time consuming. Critics argue that management and HR have to learn specific information before employees are drug tested. In reality, the costs associated with drug testing is very affordable. A test may usually costs less than $75 per applicant based on the drug tests available and any discounts given by the drug testing company and the results.

It’s far cheaper to avoid these problems from the beginning and buy drug test kits then it is to deal with them later on. It has been proven that businesses that use drug testing were able to reduce absences, worker compensation claims and employee turnover.

Drug Abuse Associated Costs in the Workplace

According to the US Department of Labor, drug use in the workplace costs employers $75 to $100 billion dollars annually in lost time, accidents, health care, and workers compensation costs. The majority of all work related accidents are due to drugs and alcohol. Employees with these types of problems are typically prone to utilize more of their healthcare benefits costing employers additional fees.

All of these costs add up for a business and considering how much it costs to recruit, hire and train new employees the cost of drug testing is completely justified. Part of figuring out business insurance comes from workplace accidents. So in essence the more risk you have means higher insurance prices. When a company protects itself from hiring the riskiest workers, it can save on insurance by utilizing drug testing as a partner company policy.

The Myth of Lawsuits

Critics often state that drug testing can lead to a potential lawsuit from an employee that is rejected employment or it may be from a current employee that refuses to take this drug test. Legislation across all of the U.S. protects companies that choose to do pre-employment drug testing, regular drug testing for current employees, or random drug testing in the workplace. Your employees cannot sue you based on discrimination or invasion of privacy concerns if you give them an advance notice of such changes in company policies.


Critics of drug testing say that it creates resentment in the workplace because it makes applicants and employees feel like the company doesn’t’ trust them. It may seem that drug testing could be inconvenient to employees, ultimately it makes the business a safer place for all employees to work, and it makes the business more profitable. These are both important benefits to drug testing to convey to employees so that they will understand the value of implementing and maintaining a drug testing program. We hope with what you’ve learned today, which you can make a collective decision to consider to buy drug test kits for your business.