Why Your Company Should Buy Hair Test Kits

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If you are a business owner, or manager, you have a lot to account for. There is a lot that goes into running a successful business. Above all else, a good staff can make a big difference. While putting your faith in others can be daunting at times, there are ways to earn trust and learn of people’s character. That is why every pre employment screening comes with a background check and drug test. While many companies usually do a mouth swab or urine test to test for drug use, hair tests are becoming more common. Here are a few reasons why using hair to test for drugs is a good idea, and why your company should buy hair test kits.

1. It gives a more detailed history.

Mouth swab tests and urine tests are great for what they are, but they are limited when it comes to detecting long term drug use. For example, a marijuana smoker can stop using for a couple weeks and pass a test no problem. If someone is into something harder, like crystal meth or cocaine, that passes through their system in a couple of days. A heavy drinker just needs to not drink for a day, and they are all set.

While the substances mentioned are not detectable in urine and swab tests on a long term basis, hair is trickier. If the person being tested has a history of drug abuse, you will find out through their hair. Depending on the person’s hair length, it can detect months, or possibly years of abuse.

2. You Cannot Fake It.

Urine tests are the bane of many drug users’ existence. If they have been convicted of a drug related crime, regular drug tests are required by their parole officer. A lot of companies will also not hire them without taking one. However, the more clever users find ways around urine tests. They can buy synthetic urine online, or from specialty shops. They can buy clean urine from one of their friends, or they can buy products that claim to cleanse the drugs from their body. Whatever the case may be, they can find clever loopholes around taking an honest urine test.

Hair tests are different. You can be present when hair is extracted from the person in question, so you know for sure the test results are genuine. When you see the person take out a strand of hair, you will know fully well there are no tricks up their sleeve. It is one of the reasons your company should buy hair test kits.

3. It May Be Unexpected.

As stated before, urine and mouth swab tests have been around for years, and are the standard methods of drug testing just about everywhere. When a current or future employee is readying themselves for a drug test, they likely picture taking one or the other. If they are a drug user, they may tamper with the test as mentioned before. However, if you buy hair test kits, it will catch them off guard. This will help expose any drug addicts in your midst, and put any would be drug users on notice. If you buy hair test kits, you not only have an effective means of detecting drug use, but the element of surprise as well.

Drug tests are common for many businesses. Unfortunately, conventional methods are not entirely foolproof. However, hair tests can give honest, accurate readings of a person’s drug use. They are also tamper proof and will not be expected. For more information, visit www.expressdrugtest.com today. You will be glad you did.

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