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An effective way of learning about someone’s abuse of drugs is by buying the hair test kit. This kit tests for multiple drugs and can give you a history of drugs abuse of 90 days. There are different hair test kits that are available on the market today. You can buy the hair test kit that meets you needs, and they include;

•    Legal workplace hair tests kit

•    Standard hair follicle drug test kit

•    Illegal and prescription hair follicle drug test kit

•    Express hair follicle drug test kit

How hair test kit work

Each hair test kit you buy applies the same principle and process to determine if there are drugs in the hair. Drugs that are in the blood usually reach the hair through the hair shaft. Within seven days, the hair affect by the drugs will grow above the scalp.

Laboratory analysis

When you buy hair test kits from reputable dealers, they will include shipping to a lab that is qualified for analysis. The hair will be melted and drug molecules embedded in the shaft will be measured. If your sample is positive for drugs, another test will be done to confirm the results. Gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry helps in elimination of false positives.

Buy hair test kits that are easy to use

Hair collection that is used in these kits is usually similar. You need to collect at least 100 strands of hair or more if the hair is fine. If need be, you may collect from different portions of the scalp. When you have cut the hair, you need to put it in the Collection Foil. The strands of hair should be equal in size to the diameter of soda straws.

Difference between tests

As you plan to buy hair test kits, you need to understand the differences. These include;

•    Time taken in processing lab results from test kit

•    Manner results are delivered

•    Whether body hair is accepted or not

In the market today, you can also buy hair test kits for home use. This will be an ideal solution for you as a parent, and you can use it on your loved ones to get accurate and fast results that are cheat proof. The features and benefits of these are;

•    Easy collection of hair samples

•    They are cheat proof as shampoos bleach or hair dyes will not interfere with the results

•    Accurate and fast results as tests are done by nationally recognized and accredited facilities

•    GC/MS confirmation

•    100% confidential and privates as no personal information is required

•    In case of positive results the drugs found are detailed on the results sheet. The exact amounts that are found of drugs will be indicated. This will help you identify if the user is an occasional, daily or constant user of drugs.

•    If the results are negative, it will only be indicated negative

•    Results are available to you within 24 or 48 hours

•    Laboratories used are CLIA Accredited

•    Shipping and lab fees are included

The home hair test kits give you peace of mind knowing that you can test your loved one or teen for drug use with a simple test every three months. The instructions on the kit are simple and easy to follow.

Please note even when you buy the hair test kit there are where the use of marijuana will not be detected as the HC metabolite did not bind with the hair shaft. This may be due to quality or type of marijuana that was ingested or smoked.


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