The Hair Snip Tip

October 27, 2015 in hair test kits | Comments (0)

Who could ever have guessed that the hairs on your head and body would be so useful for the primary purpose of testing? Who would also have believed that hairs would be one of the primary ways of determining so many factors in the lives of so many? That strand of fine thread-like protein growing in a follicle. It is one of the most defining characteristics to human beings and analysis of it can bring a wealth of information necessary. Hair analysis is utilized in so many cases as it deals with recreational drug testing, DNA, and employee background checks. It is one of the most informative and telling method for providing recent or historical evidence in our lives. It is very widely accepted and used in society today. It is often considered in evidentiary sampling as blood and urine can no longer carry a contaminant within three months.

Hair analysis holds this factor of what is present for a much longer time period. Hair is a fiber covering the human body that has countless advantages to being analyzed as a screening method in the presence of various substances. Providing this analyzation quite effectively is the hair test kit. These basic yet valuable test kits are trusted and proven in detecting any evidence of drugs. It is noninvasive and a low-cost procedure that is quite useful.   The kits can test for a standard panel of drugs or a multi-level grouping and is only limited by your needs.

As it deals with drug detection especially in teens where recreational drug use is prevalent a simple home based hair test kit is the clear answer. The process of going from suspecting to full knowledge of what drugs are present or absent in the body brings a quick peace of mind or ability to take steps to correct this behavior before it may become problematic. The hair test kit is private, affordable and quick. In the desire to have the results right now these kits bring that result. Anyone can do the testing themselves with no prior or particular training. The test process is straight forward with just a few necessary tests. You are capable to administer the test the first time with confidence.

The uses for the hair test kit are growing but can be found in the following settings:

•    Rehabilitation centers

•    Law enforcement

•    Workplace

•    Schools

•    Camps

•    Doctor’s office

Hair test kits have been specifically designed with ease and efficiency in mind. They can test for a range of drugs such as COC, THC, OPI, AMPH (Ecstasy), and PCP, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone and more. These test kits are state of the art technology and equipment to garner the results that anyone is looking for. The steps to the process are simple collection of the hair sample, preparation for the sample to be mailed out following the included instructions, Mail sample out with enclosed mailer. The most difficult step is being patient for the short time it takes for the results to be confirms and available to you. From there the next phase begins. So you see that though the hair test kits may be used for a professional or personal purpose the outcome will be one of safe, timely, and accurate determination. Thanks to the hair test kits your job has been made a bit less complicated.


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