When Is A Drug Test Kit Needed?

October 25, 2015 in drug testing | Comments (0)

Parents are often put in a difficult situation when they discover their child may be doing drugs. Today, drug screens are a common requirement for employment opportunities, financial aid of any kind, scholarships and athletic programs. A parent can buy drug test kits for home use so they can know first hand if a child or spouse is using a specific drug.

The decision to buy drug test kits often stems from the fact that a parent wants to ensure that their child will be able to pass a drug screen on the first try. A drug screen that shows positive for any type of drug use can cause a future employer, college or coach to have second thoughts about giving the youth a second chance to pass. Many colleges and businesses have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drug use and will not offer a second chance if an applicant tests positive for any type of drug.

Home use drug test kits can be very generic or they can be quite extensive, depending on how much a person wants to pay for the results. The technology that is in place is extremely accurate and can offer results on a variety of drugs. Some tests are capable of detecting certain levels of alcohol if they are administered within a specific time frame.

Parents can use home drug test kits as a way of disciplining children or as a way of offering rewards. The relationship between parent and child must be based on respect and trust if the tests are to be used without fear of resentment for either party. In some cases, children may look at the tests as an invasion of privacy or as an attempt by their parents to control what they do. In reality, it is a safeguard to protect them from poor choices that could eventually cause them to lose important opportunities.

Student athletes are often required to take mandatory drug screens through their school or organization before they can participate in their chosen sport. The slightest risk of a positive result in a drug screen will not only cost them playing time, it can also cost them scholarship opportunities that may only be offered once. Non-profit organizations may also choose to buy drug test kits as a way to ensure their employees and volunteers comply with the rules and regulations that have already been established.

If the choice to buy drug test kits is made, it is important to know which drugs each test is capable of showing and the degree of accuracy with which the test can provide a positive result. It is also important to know what brands are reliable and which ones are known to provide false positives. By doing a little research, a person can learn what kits are best used for certain situations and which ones should be avoided.

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