4 Expectations You Should Have From a Drug Test

November 15, 2015 in drug testing | Comments (0)

The reasons people or businesses have for using drug tests can range from the intensely personal to something as mundane as following a company’s hiring policy.  Drug tests can play a very important role in people lives, and people who use them should have a very high expectation of the drug tests.  So what should you expect from your drug test and the company you buy it from?

Easy to Use

Drug tests should be easy for the person giving the test and the person receiving the test to use.  The whole process shouldn’t be clouded by complicated procedures or collection methods.  The person giving the test should be able to understand the instructions quickly and then be able to explain clearly to the test subject what is happening.  A test that is easy to explain and administer is going to build confidence that the test is reliable and the person administering the test is competent.  All tests sold by Express Drug Test come with clear instructions and easy to use supplies.


Drug testing is based on a system of trust between the person giving the test, the person doing the test and the company making the test.  The trust is based on one thing, and that is the accuracy of the test.  Everybody involved needs to know that the test will return the correct result to the point that they can all reasonably agree on the results.  The one thing a drug test cannot be is inaccurate because so much depends on the result. Express Drug Tests stands by the accuracy of their drug tests.


A good drug test will do more than test for one drug and with good reason. It’s not uncommon for people to use more than one drug and you might want to know all the drugs somebody is taking. Testing for only one drug runs the risk of missing a problem a person may have with a lesser known drug.

Even people who use drugs tests to examine themselves prior to applying for a job will want to test for a multitude of drugs.  This especially true for people who have to take prescription medications for medical conditions.  Many prescription drugs will give positive results during drug tests and the test can help the applicant prepare an explanation for the test result.

This is also helpful for athletes who might be using over the counter supplements to enhance their performance.  Some of those supplements may trigger a positive result and being able to explain it may help in getting the job.  Express Drug Test offers different test kits that cover multiple drugs with one test.

Fast Results

Gone are the days of drug tests results taking weeks to return from the lab.  Depending on the type of test administered and the types of drugs being tested the results can be instantaneous or available from a lab within as little as one to two days.  Quick results will depend up your company’s internal process for hiring or investigations, saving you time and money.

Express Drug Test offers a multitude of solutions for your drug testing situation.  From alcohol screening to multiple panel drug testing, they have the supplies and expertise to help you order the right test.  Additionally, they offer bulk ordering so you will always have a supply on hand at a reasonable price.


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