A Hairy Solution

November 16, 2015 in hair test kits | Comments (0)

Buy hair test kits to ensure prospective employees aren’t up to their eyeballs in a cadre of potent opiates.  The fact is, heroin use is on the increase; right along with MDMA, COC, OPI, THC, AMPH, PCP, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, and others.  One of the reasons for this, ironically, is the war on drugs.  Because of the war on drugs, a reciprocal market has been created and fostered, giving products which otherwise would have little to no value, great value.  If you’ve got a choice between buying a bottle of liquor at a legal store, and buying one for three times the price off the black market, what are you going to choose?  But what if you need your liquor, and there’s no store available?  The same goes for drugs.  Right now America’s drug use is at an all-time high.  The products being sold are too expensive for their actual worth, and they drain society. But when high profile celebrities like Kurt Cobain and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger commonly die by overdosing on heroin, somehow this does more to spread the use of the drug, than to curtail it.  The reason probably has something to do with celebrity worship or subtle influence; there are a million different people who could give you a million different answers.  What is absolutely obvious, though, is that the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be discouraging heroin use.

Heroin is terrible.  Weed may be a boon, and the other drugs listed earlier are certainly no weak hitters.  But Heroin drives people into shells of their former selves. No one wants a junkie on the job site.  Buy hair test kits to ensure no junkies get past your front doors.  When you buy hair test kits, know that they can check hair follicles and see a person’s drug use over many months.  The conversion rate is about two months per inch of hair, and the amount of hair needed is about a shoelace tip’s circumference.  That’s: forty to fifty strands.  After the body has metabolized any sort of drug, this metabolic passage is reflected in the hair itself.

Heroin isn’t the only drug out there that you should buy hair test kits to curtail.  Furthermore, conventional urine and saliva tests don’t have the longevity which you’ll find in hair test kits.  For heavy machinery, there are a number of drugs that should never be touched; among them PCP and THC.  Marijuana is becoming especially popular today.  It is already legal in a number of states; but legality doesn’t necessarily mean an office should have to deal with someone addicted to the substance.  Government positions, educational positions, legal positions, manufacturing positions, heavy work in any sort of scenario, police work, medicine–all these require an individual to be sober-minded and physically viable.  Drugs make a body twitch and hallucinate, and even the most well-versed addicted person is apt to make mistakes based on their drug-induced psychosis.  There are valid reasons to buy hair test kits, and it doesn’t make sense to use other methods which aren’t as comprehensive.

A hair test kit is the most comprehensive means of finding whether or not an individual is a perpetual user of substances.  For legal purposes, for screening purposes–shoot, for parental purposes, if you suspect little Johnny’s been riding the white horses–buy hair test kits!

Finally, a hair test kit is an option which is less difficult than sending hair off to be analyzed.  It gives you the ability to control when and where the sample is tested, also; allowing you to keep an eye on the individual sampled.

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