Curtail Drug Use

November 19, 2015 in drug testing | Comments (0)

The modern world is replete with drug users, and many occupations just aren’t conducive to this sort of lifestyle.  But the modern world is also forcing people into positions where they need to pursue jobs otherwise they’d leave alone, so there are doubtless going to be applicants to your practice, legal firm, school, government job, corporate climate, or other environment who are definitely users–and perpetually.  The thing about drug use is, it doesn’t look like the DARE campaign ads made it look in the promos.  It doesn’t look like Breaking Bad.  It looks like your chatty aunt who always has a charged-up look in her eye.  It looks like old Mrs. Hoskins on the back porch having one of her special cigarettes before going to feed the pigs.  In short, until usage becomes so acute it actually is life-threatening, drug-use looks entirely normal.  Most of the population is either on anti-depressants or pain-killers.  If they’re not doing that they’re getting high or snorting lines of coke or popping illicit pills.  Beyond that are people on potent hallucinogenic drugs, and those on tranquilizers.  You’ve got to buy drug test kits for your office or legal practice.  There’s really just no other way to tell whether or not an individual is on some variety of drugs!

Sometime in the nineties, the tables turned. Certainly between the sixties and the eighties drug use in America was absolutely prolific!  But in the the nineties, somehow it ceased to be counter-culture, and just became…slightly beyond the norm.  Everybody had a buddy who would put things in his body he probably shouldn’t.  The government’s crack-down via the DEA only seemed to encourage the phenomenon by inculcating value which otherwise wouldn’t inhere to the drugs!  So by trying to stem the tide, a greater black market was created.  As a result, there are now several states in America where you can walk into a store, slam down a twenty dollar bill, and walk out with an eighth of an ounce of marijuana.  It’s taxed, it’s regulated, it’s legal–now how do you tell who’s getting high on his lunch break?  It could be anybody!

No, the only way to have any security is to buy drug test kits and have them continuously available.  The common man may not realize this, but there are more than one type of drug test kits out there.  There are hair follicle tests, saliva tests, and urine tests.  Saliva tests only reveal drug use stretching back several weeks or days, depending on the individual.  Urine tests only reveal use stretching back several weeks or months, again depending on the individual.  Hair tests can show use stretching back as far as a year, depending on what length of hair is tested.  The breakdown is something like two months per inch; but again that depends on the individual.

Buy drug test kits for security, not as a means of judgement.  Everybody’s gone through difficulties in their lives, and we’ve all had rough patches; God knows some of us shouldn’t even be alive.  But cleaning up for a job with children, or in law enforcement, or in government–that shouldn’t be too hard for the right employee to do.  Most places only require you to be clean a month and pass that urine analysis test.  If a person can do that, then their “habit” probably won’t be a danger to the workplace.  But if they can’t even do that, well; perhaps you’ll be able to change that person’s life and suggest treatment.  Buy drug tests to curtail drug use in general, and help remove this social scourge.

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