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Drug testing through Express Drug Test offers you affordable testing in the privacy of your home or testing of your employees at your workplace. At Express Drug Test you can buy as many or as few tests as you need to accomplish your goals where drug testing is concerned. Prices for the hair drug testing kits vary depending on the amount of tests you wish to purchase.

Drug use in the workforce or in a familial situation can be brought to the surface by using the right hair test kits. Hair drug testing kits for drug usage may be used both professionally (employment related) or personally (home use). You can use hair test kits for a variety of drug abuses which have occurred over periods of time. Several different hair test kits are available for testing under the following circumstances including the following:

• Pre-employment

• Employee accident

• Security

• Employment random testing

• Ensuring a drug free work environment

• Personal home use

The following drugs can be determined by purchasing hair test kits for determining usage of the following drugs:

• Cocaine

• Opiates

• Amphetamines

• PCP-Phencyclidind

• Barbiturates

• Benzodiazepines

• Oxycodone

Using the hair test kits in the privacy of your home can serve many purposes in addition to giving you peace of mind where family members are concerned:

• Determining your children are drug free

• Determining a pre-employment drug test will be negative

• Determining a family member has remained drug free after a problem

• Determining why a family member may be acting out

There are several different models of hair drug testing kits available from Express Drug Test. Each kit tests for different drugs and different levels of drugs found on the hair which originated from the person’s system.

Drugs are found in the hair by traveling through the blood system and entering the hair through the hair follicle. The hair follicle then deposits traces of drugs in the body of the hair. This process takes approximately 7 days. You can use hair drug tests to determine drug use over extended periods of time.

Drug testing kits for the hair are usually more effective than other tests because the cheat factor is lower. For example, one cannot purchase products that will dilute the hair in order to get a false negative on the test.

You may collect the hair strands from different sections of the scalp for the hair testing kit. Generally speaking 100 strands are needed for the test to be effective. And the drug testing kit for the hair is non-invasive. Once the hair is collected it is mailed in the package provided by the retailer, tested, and the results are mailed back to you within a short time-frame of 24 to 48 hours. The entire process is private and the results are confidential. While the drug testing kits for the hair provides information concerning numerous drugs, marijuana use is generally not detected because the HC metabolite does not bind with the hair shaft.

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