How to Combat the Prevalence of Drugs

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Unfortunately, the prevalence of drugs in the workplace and schools, while decreasing, are still accessible to students and employees. In fact, a recent survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that six out of every 10 students were aware of drugs being procured on school campuses. In fact, more students are smoking marijuana now than just a couple of decades ago. As pertains to the work environment, maintaining a drug free zone is of paramount importance to ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

How to Combat the Prevalence of Drugs

After education, the means to prevent drugs in the work environment must fall to detection. For example, you can buy hair test kits that are fool-proof in their detection of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Surveys show that most people think of marijuana as a largely harmless drug, which leads to many of them – even employees on the job – to thinking it’s okay to smoke it while driving, on break, or after work hours. Research, of course, shows that it can impair one’s judgment significantly, which is the reason you have to take steps to protect the work environment.

To this end, you can buy hair test kits, urine adulteration tests, multi-drug panel tests and tests for alcohol screening from Express Drug Test. As the premier online vendor in South Carolina, our products are predicated on safety, effectiveness and speed of delivery. We service thousands of customers, ranging from the concerned parent, to the private practice and industrial-level client. We understand that maintaining a drug-free environment is a top priority for most customers, and this fact is reflected in our range of solutions – as well as our delivery system.

Select Products from Express Drug Test

Statistics show that students as young as 8th graders are imbibing alcohol; it becomes more of a problem for some as you climb up the ranks. Our Digital Alcohol Detector comes with 5 mouth pieces, a car adapter, 9V battery and carrying case. If you’re a parent and have some concerns about your underage child drinking, this test will help you catch them and ward off future transgressions.

Another cause for concern among school and workplace administrators is the abuse of prescription drugs, which is rising nationwide. Most people obtain these drugs from a friend or family member, and they can be difficult to detect by simply monitoring behavior. Buy hair test kits from Express Drug Test that can detect powerful drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, the THC in marijuana, Ecstasy, hydromorphone and PCP. This test will help you preempt what could otherwise lead to a spiral into drug-dependency.

We also have urine adulteration strips for different kinds of testing, and multi-drug testing with panels of 3, 6 and 10. We offer a small exam gloves and containers for specimen collection to help ensure a drug-free work environment. When you’re ready to bolster your defenses against drug-abuse in your respective environment, give us a call to learn more about what we offer – we ship within a single business day and offer order tracking and status updates.

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