Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse with Random Testing

December 24, 2015 in drug testing | Comments (0)

We live in a society that promotes drug and alcohol use and an alarming number of people are becoming addicts daily. Abuse problems are not limited to any particular race, gender, or social status. Both the rich and the poor are susceptible to the addiction of either drugs or alcohol, and sometimes both. With a society that considers the use of intoxicants as normal, it is crucial that employers ensure that drug free employees are hired.

The only way for an employer to know that an applicant is drug free is to require a pre-employment drug screen. Employers that require routine and random submission to drug testing can better control their workplace environment. Beyond moral issues, demanding a drug free work place can literally save a business from financial disaster. Express Drug Test offers several affordable drug and alcohol testing solutions for employers as well as for home use.
Express Drug Test has an extensive line of testing options that make it impossible for drug and alcohol use to go unnoticed on the job or in the home. There are numerous drugs on the streets these days, so it is important to buy drug test kits that test for several drugs. Sometimes drug abusers can slip through the cracks if they prefer a drug that is not usually tested for. An employer that tests primarily for marijuana and cocaine could easily end up with an opiate dependent employee.

By offering a wide variety of affordable test kits, along with urine adulteration test strips, Express Drug Tests helps employers and parents avoid undesirable situations. Each test kit offers quick results that are reliable. When you buy drug test kits from us you can detect even the faintest traces of drug or alcohol use.

When it comes to hiring an individual, or making certain that children are not involved with illicit drug use, it is crucial to have quick and reliable testing capabilities. Express Drug Test is a company that offers every test needed to help you keep your business or home a drug free zone. Our test kits are available in single drug tests as well as multi-drug panel tests, making it easy to catch drug abuse before it becomes a problem.

We offer digital alcohol breath test kits as well as saliva alcohol test strips that provide accurate results in minutes. These tests are super handy to have available on the job as well as at home. In the event of an accident on the job, an immediate test should be administered to avoid costly insurance claims. When teens hit a certain age, the temptation to try alcohol and drugs can be overwhelming. Parents that want to ensure that their child is steering clear of substance abuse can buy drug test kits and alcohol tests.

Express Drug Tests offers state of the art drug test kits that test for several of the most widely used drugs. One of the most effective tests available is the hair test. A hair test can determine drug use as far back as a year or more, making it impossible to hire drug addicted applicants. With hair tests employers can reduce the risk of adulterated tests as well as the risk of hiring someone who “cleaned up” for pre-employment drug screening.

It is our hope that by enabling anyone to buy drug test kits, we can help to reduce workplace injuries and incompetency. Parents can also count on us to help them detect when their children are in trouble. Contact us today for assistance with creating a drug testing regime for your business or home.

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