Your Options for Drug Testing

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When it comes to home drug test kits there are four basic kits to choose from. These kits include a urine kit, saliva test, hair follicle test or a sweat drug test kit. All of these kits can be purchased either online or in majority of drug stores, grocery stores or convenience stores.

Urine tests are the most popular because they are fast, easy to read, cheap and accurate. These test are popular for detecting up to ten different types of drugs present in a person’s system. These tests can be taken at any time however the ability to detect drugs in the urine diminishes with time. These tests are also easily contaminated which could potentially cause false positive results.

Saliva tests are the next simplest home drug test kits to use. These tests show drug use which has happened recently, usually in the past one or two days. These tests are simple to use just like urine tests. They are relatively cheap and accurate as well. The results provided by these tests are almost immediate. These tests are harder to be contaminated or manipulated because they are directly given by another person. These tests are ideal for detecting recent drug use, but they are not useful for detecting drug use which occurred longer than three or more days ago.

Hair follicle drug test kits also test people for suspected drug usage. This type of drug test kits usually cost more than the first two test mentioned above, but it comes with many advantages over them. This drug test kit is incredibly accurate and even harder to manipulate than the first two. A patch of hair is collected off the person suspected of using drugs. It is then sent off to a lab to be tested for drugs. This test can detect drug usage which has occurred up to 90 days ago. Since the hair must be sent off to a lab the results will not be immediately available. This along with the cost are downfalls of this test, but the accuracy of this test makes up for that.

The least common type of drug testing kit is the sweat kit. Sweat drug test kits are the least popular because they involve placing a patch on the individual which will stay there for a while. These patches collect data over a period of one to two weeks. These patches include measures which prevent them from being removed and replaced without the tester knowing about it. Once the tester removes the patch it is then sent to a lab for the results to be processed. This test is considered unreliable and incredibly intrusive by some individuals, contributing to the unpopularity of this type of drug test kit.

No matter your reasoning for needing a drug test kit there areĀ  many options available. Whether parents need to keep an eye on children or employers are screening new applicants, a drug test for every occasion is available. Carefully research your options surrounding each test to ensure that you pick the most cost effective and reliable drug test kit for your individual needs.

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