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Your Options for Drug Testing

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When it comes to home drug test kits there are four basic kits to choose from. These kits include a urine kit, saliva test, hair follicle test or a sweat drug test kit. All of these kits can be purchased either online or in majority of drug stores, grocery stores or convenience stores.

Urine tests are the most popular because they are fast, easy to read, cheap and accurate. These test are popular for detecting up to ten different types of drugs present in a person’s system. These tests can be taken at any time however the ability to detect drugs in the urine diminishes with time. These tests are also easily contaminated which could potentially cause false positive results.

Saliva tests are the next simplest home drug test kits to use. These tests show drug use which has happened recently, usually in the past one or two days. These tests are simple to use just like urine tests. They are relatively cheap and accurate as well. The results provided by these tests are almost immediate. These tests are harder to be contaminated or manipulated because they are directly given by another person. These tests are ideal for detecting recent drug use, but they are not useful for detecting drug use which occurred longer than three or more days ago.

Hair follicle drug test kits also test people for suspected drug usage. This type of drug test kits usually cost more than the first two test mentioned above, but it comes with many advantages over them. This drug test kit is incredibly accurate and even harder to manipulate than the first two. A patch of hair is collected off the person suspected of using drugs. It is then sent off to a lab to be tested for drugs. This test can detect drug usage which has occurred up to 90 days ago. Since the hair must be sent off to a lab the results will not be immediately available. This along with the cost are downfalls of this test, but the accuracy of this test makes up for that.

The least common type of drug testing kit is the sweat kit. Sweat drug test kits are the least popular because they involve placing a patch on the individual which will stay there for a while. These patches collect data over a period of one to two weeks. These patches include measures which prevent them from being removed and replaced without the tester knowing about it. Once the tester removes the patch it is then sent to a lab for the results to be processed. This test is considered unreliable and incredibly intrusive by some individuals, contributing to the unpopularity of this type of drug test kit.

No matter your reasoning for needing a drug test kit there are  many options available. Whether parents need to keep an eye on children or employers are screening new applicants, a drug test for every occasion is available. Carefully research your options surrounding each test to ensure that you pick the most cost effective and reliable drug test kit for your individual needs.

Drug Tests Aren’t Just for Employers Anymore

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Drug tests are gaining popularity among parents concerned about the welfare of their children, as well as family members dealing with an addicted relative. While drug tests have long been the norm for a variety of employers, increased availability of home tests has led to a surge of parents and others using them as a deterrent to drug use. Not only do random tests give an incentive for abstaining, they also help parents know if drugs are a problem for their child, and provide a baseline for preventing relapse in addicted individuals.

Preventing Negative Impacts

Drugs can impact the user’s life in a variety of ways, some of which may be unexpected. These impacts can range from problems with maintaining healthy relationships to making the right decisions, and beyond. Drug use can result in loss of income, homelessness, and increased likelihood of triggering underlying mental problems such as depression and psychosis.

In order to prevent these poor outcomes, it’s important to know whether those in your care are indulging in illicit drug use, which drugs are being abused, and whether or not an addict has relapsed. Home drug tests can help you stay on top of these issues, and provide peace of mind for parents, caretakers, coaches, and other interested parties. Home testing also provides teens an easy out when it comes to pressure from their peers: “I can’t; my parents give me random drug tests.”

Choosing the Right Test

There are a variety of home drug tests available on the market today. Choosing the right one will depend on what you’re testing for and the method of testing you prefer. Single tests are available for alcohol, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), phencyclidine (PCP), barbiturates, opiates, Molly (MDMA), and many others. Multi-line tests, for testing for multiple substances, are also available. You can test using saliva, hair, or urine; breath tests are available for alcohol testing.

Performing Drug Tests

Home tests kits, like those available from, are very simple and require no special knowledge beyond what’s included in the test instructions. Even if you’ve never had a drug test, or performed one, home tests are made to be easy-to-use to reduce errors in performing them. Urine tests require only that you dip a test strip into a urine sample, or peel the label from an integrated cup test. Results are accurate and fast, giving you the ability to know in minutes if there’s a drug problem in your home.

Testing in a Variety of Settings

Commercially-available home drug tests can be used in a variety of situations, far beyond parental or familial testing. These types of tests are very accurate and can be used by employers, probation officers, in academia and sports, halfway houses and sober-living communities; and as a deterrent or diagnostic tool in private homes, small businesses, and when hiring domestic employees such as nannies or others in close contact with your family.

Getting Results

Drug testing is about more than just finding out the truth; it’s also about protecting yourself and those around you from the harmful effects of drug abuse. Everyone would much prefer that drug tests were never required, but when you feel it’s time to administer a home drug test for whatever reason, it’s important that you choose kits that provide accurate, fast results.

How to Combat the Prevalence of Drugs

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Unfortunately, the prevalence of drugs in the workplace and schools, while decreasing, are still accessible to students and employees. In fact, a recent survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that six out of every 10 students were aware of drugs being procured on school campuses. In fact, more students are smoking marijuana now than just a couple of decades ago. As pertains to the work environment, maintaining a drug free zone is of paramount importance to ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

How to Combat the Prevalence of Drugs

After education, the means to prevent drugs in the work environment must fall to detection. For example, you can buy hair test kits that are fool-proof in their detection of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Surveys show that most people think of marijuana as a largely harmless drug, which leads to many of them – even employees on the job – to thinking it’s okay to smoke it while driving, on break, or after work hours. Research, of course, shows that it can impair one’s judgment significantly, which is the reason you have to take steps to protect the work environment.

To this end, you can buy hair test kits, urine adulteration tests, multi-drug panel tests and tests for alcohol screening from Express Drug Test. As the premier online vendor in South Carolina, our products are predicated on safety, effectiveness and speed of delivery. We service thousands of customers, ranging from the concerned parent, to the private practice and industrial-level client. We understand that maintaining a drug-free environment is a top priority for most customers, and this fact is reflected in our range of solutions – as well as our delivery system.

Select Products from Express Drug Test

Statistics show that students as young as 8th graders are imbibing alcohol; it becomes more of a problem for some as you climb up the ranks. Our Digital Alcohol Detector comes with 5 mouth pieces, a car adapter, 9V battery and carrying case. If you’re a parent and have some concerns about your underage child drinking, this test will help you catch them and ward off future transgressions.

Another cause for concern among school and workplace administrators is the abuse of prescription drugs, which is rising nationwide. Most people obtain these drugs from a friend or family member, and they can be difficult to detect by simply monitoring behavior. Buy hair test kits from Express Drug Test that can detect powerful drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, the THC in marijuana, Ecstasy, hydromorphone and PCP. This test will help you preempt what could otherwise lead to a spiral into drug-dependency.

We also have urine adulteration strips for different kinds of testing, and multi-drug testing with panels of 3, 6 and 10. We offer a small exam gloves and containers for specimen collection to help ensure a drug-free work environment. When you’re ready to bolster your defenses against drug-abuse in your respective environment, give us a call to learn more about what we offer – we ship within a single business day and offer order tracking and status updates.

Drug Testing

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There are a number of different drug tests available on the market, today. Some use urine and others use hair, to detect drugs in a person’s system. There are a number of reasons to buy drug tests. It can help your business and help you determine if current or new employees are using drugs. I can help discover the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and the abuse of prescription drugs, as well. Whether it is to do a test at home, or to run a screening on your employees, Express Drug Test offers you an easy way to get results fast.

Screening Employees

While not all jobs will require a drug test, some jobs will require their employees get tested once hired. This is because drug use can have a major impact on an employee’s job performance. Working with heavy machinery, or in the health field usually require these test. It is to help ensure the safety of the employees and others. To protect

Drug abuse on the job can cost employers a lot of money, which is why drug testing is very important. It helps reduce the hiring risk on new employees. Random drug testing are also helpful in ensuring your employees aren’t working under the influence, which could seriously affect their ability to do their job.

Common Drugs Tested for

When testing an employee for drug use, there are a few common drugs that they will be looking for. These drugs include:

  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines and Methamphetamines (Meth, speed, ecstacy)
  • Opiates (Heroin, codeine, opium)
  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax)
  • Barbiturates (phenobarbital)

Some drug tests will detect more drugs, than other tests. Things such as prescriptions drugs, which include pain meds, Adderall, hydrocodone and others, can be detected. If an employee is one prescription drugs, it is best for them to disclose this information prior to the drug testing.

Reasons for drug testing

The abuse of drugs on the job can cause a serious health hazard. Not only thing, but it has the potential to decrease productivity and increase the chance of work related injuries. Drug and alcohol abuse can decrease employee morale and in the long run lose the company money.

Spending the extra cash on buying drug tests can help save money in the long run. It will keep employees mindful of abusing drugs and alcohol, while on the job and help deter some employees from doing it. It also helps to avoid hiring an individual who does abuse drugs. Buy drug tests to help create a safer working environment.

Accuracy of drug testing

The most common question asked is whether or not it is possible to beat the test. The life of the drug in a person’s system is determined by a number of factors which include the type of drug, the concentration, the person’s metabolism, the type of test used, and the accuracy of the test. While it is possible the drug test could miss something if the drug is in such low concentrate in the sample, it is not that easy to trick the test. There are many websites that offer advice to beating the system, but most don’t work.

Express Drug Test offers drug test for a number of reasons, at affordable prices. With a wide variety of options, you can test using a hair sample, saliva, urine, and more. You can get a drug test for a specific type of drug, or an alcohol tester. Whether you have a small or large company, if you are looking to buy drug tests, there are a variety of reasonable price products for you.

Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse with Random Testing

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We live in a society that promotes drug and alcohol use and an alarming number of people are becoming addicts daily. Abuse problems are not limited to any particular race, gender, or social status. Both the rich and the poor are susceptible to the addiction of either drugs or alcohol, and sometimes both. With a society that considers the use of intoxicants as normal, it is crucial that employers ensure that drug free employees are hired.

The only way for an employer to know that an applicant is drug free is to require a pre-employment drug screen. Employers that require routine and random submission to drug testing can better control their workplace environment. Beyond moral issues, demanding a drug free work place can literally save a business from financial disaster. Express Drug Test offers several affordable drug and alcohol testing solutions for employers as well as for home use.
Express Drug Test has an extensive line of testing options that make it impossible for drug and alcohol use to go unnoticed on the job or in the home. There are numerous drugs on the streets these days, so it is important to buy drug test kits that test for several drugs. Sometimes drug abusers can slip through the cracks if they prefer a drug that is not usually tested for. An employer that tests primarily for marijuana and cocaine could easily end up with an opiate dependent employee.

By offering a wide variety of affordable test kits, along with urine adulteration test strips, Express Drug Tests helps employers and parents avoid undesirable situations. Each test kit offers quick results that are reliable. When you buy drug test kits from us you can detect even the faintest traces of drug or alcohol use.

When it comes to hiring an individual, or making certain that children are not involved with illicit drug use, it is crucial to have quick and reliable testing capabilities. Express Drug Test is a company that offers every test needed to help you keep your business or home a drug free zone. Our test kits are available in single drug tests as well as multi-drug panel tests, making it easy to catch drug abuse before it becomes a problem.

We offer digital alcohol breath test kits as well as saliva alcohol test strips that provide accurate results in minutes. These tests are super handy to have available on the job as well as at home. In the event of an accident on the job, an immediate test should be administered to avoid costly insurance claims. When teens hit a certain age, the temptation to try alcohol and drugs can be overwhelming. Parents that want to ensure that their child is steering clear of substance abuse can buy drug test kits and alcohol tests.

Express Drug Tests offers state of the art drug test kits that test for several of the most widely used drugs. One of the most effective tests available is the hair test. A hair test can determine drug use as far back as a year or more, making it impossible to hire drug addicted applicants. With hair tests employers can reduce the risk of adulterated tests as well as the risk of hiring someone who “cleaned up” for pre-employment drug screening.

It is our hope that by enabling anyone to buy drug test kits, we can help to reduce workplace injuries and incompetency. Parents can also count on us to help them detect when their children are in trouble. Contact us today for assistance with creating a drug testing regime for your business or home.

Curtail Drug Use

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The modern world is replete with drug users, and many occupations just aren’t conducive to this sort of lifestyle.  But the modern world is also forcing people into positions where they need to pursue jobs otherwise they’d leave alone, so there are doubtless going to be applicants to your practice, legal firm, school, government job, corporate climate, or other environment who are definitely users–and perpetually.  The thing about drug use is, it doesn’t look like the DARE campaign ads made it look in the promos.  It doesn’t look like Breaking Bad.  It looks like your chatty aunt who always has a charged-up look in her eye.  It looks like old Mrs. Hoskins on the back porch having one of her special cigarettes before going to feed the pigs.  In short, until usage becomes so acute it actually is life-threatening, drug-use looks entirely normal.  Most of the population is either on anti-depressants or pain-killers.  If they’re not doing that they’re getting high or snorting lines of coke or popping illicit pills.  Beyond that are people on potent hallucinogenic drugs, and those on tranquilizers.  You’ve got to buy drug test kits for your office or legal practice.  There’s really just no other way to tell whether or not an individual is on some variety of drugs!

Sometime in the nineties, the tables turned. Certainly between the sixties and the eighties drug use in America was absolutely prolific!  But in the the nineties, somehow it ceased to be counter-culture, and just became…slightly beyond the norm.  Everybody had a buddy who would put things in his body he probably shouldn’t.  The government’s crack-down via the DEA only seemed to encourage the phenomenon by inculcating value which otherwise wouldn’t inhere to the drugs!  So by trying to stem the tide, a greater black market was created.  As a result, there are now several states in America where you can walk into a store, slam down a twenty dollar bill, and walk out with an eighth of an ounce of marijuana.  It’s taxed, it’s regulated, it’s legal–now how do you tell who’s getting high on his lunch break?  It could be anybody!

No, the only way to have any security is to buy drug test kits and have them continuously available.  The common man may not realize this, but there are more than one type of drug test kits out there.  There are hair follicle tests, saliva tests, and urine tests.  Saliva tests only reveal drug use stretching back several weeks or days, depending on the individual.  Urine tests only reveal use stretching back several weeks or months, again depending on the individual.  Hair tests can show use stretching back as far as a year, depending on what length of hair is tested.  The breakdown is something like two months per inch; but again that depends on the individual.

Buy drug test kits for security, not as a means of judgement.  Everybody’s gone through difficulties in their lives, and we’ve all had rough patches; God knows some of us shouldn’t even be alive.  But cleaning up for a job with children, or in law enforcement, or in government–that shouldn’t be too hard for the right employee to do.  Most places only require you to be clean a month and pass that urine analysis test.  If a person can do that, then their “habit” probably won’t be a danger to the workplace.  But if they can’t even do that, well; perhaps you’ll be able to change that person’s life and suggest treatment.  Buy drug tests to curtail drug use in general, and help remove this social scourge.

Buy Express Drug Tests

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Most people are too busy to go to the doctor for routine testing, but provides a wonderful platform for you to test at your convenience. Today, employers require that you pass a drug test before you began working for their company. You can find out what a random company drug test will say about you. Individuals no longer have to worry about the restraints of waiting on drug testing results to come back. Simply visit express drug tests easy to navigate website for more details on how you can test from the privacy of your home or office.

Why you should buy drug tests? 

Buying an at home drug test provides privacy and convenience. Instead of waiting on the results from a laboratory in 3-4 days (maybe weeks), you can get your results within 3-8 minutes. Drug test your out-of-control teen, chemical dependent youth, or find out if your child is using drugs. The test that are available provide you the option for testing for several different drugs. Traditional lab tests results can be inaccurate, express has a 98% accuracy rate. You’ll be alerted if there is a presence of any drugs or chemicals.

What kind of drugs to they test for? 

– Marijuana

– Cocaine

– Opiates

– Methamphetamine

– Ecstasy

– Amphetamine

Find out what is in your system or what kind of harm your child is doing to themselves in minutes. You get clinically approved testing with laboratory results results at home. Buy drug tests to ensure that your child has not relapsed from a chemical dependency. Furthermore, you can maintain your privacy, by testing when you want and where you want. In fact, we offer free confirmation from the laboratory when you mail in the results. Home drug testing compares to no other, and is less expensive than traditional testing. You can test as frequently as you like.

You’ll find that testing your child at home will deter them from using drugs. Most teens experiment with drugs and alcohol because they believe that their parents will never found out. At home testing gives a busy parent the opportunity to find out what their children are doing. You can take a hair follicle test which will allow you to get hair out of their comb or brush and they never have to know that they are being tested. A urine test is also available through home testing kits.

Some tests give false positives, but we make sure that you have the option of confirming your results through the laboratory for complete accuracy. Buy drug tests for a cost effective way to test you or your children in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

4 Expectations You Should Have From a Drug Test

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The reasons people or businesses have for using drug tests can range from the intensely personal to something as mundane as following a company’s hiring policy.  Drug tests can play a very important role in people lives, and people who use them should have a very high expectation of the drug tests.  So what should you expect from your drug test and the company you buy it from?

Easy to Use

Drug tests should be easy for the person giving the test and the person receiving the test to use.  The whole process shouldn’t be clouded by complicated procedures or collection methods.  The person giving the test should be able to understand the instructions quickly and then be able to explain clearly to the test subject what is happening.  A test that is easy to explain and administer is going to build confidence that the test is reliable and the person administering the test is competent.  All tests sold by Express Drug Test come with clear instructions and easy to use supplies.


Drug testing is based on a system of trust between the person giving the test, the person doing the test and the company making the test.  The trust is based on one thing, and that is the accuracy of the test.  Everybody involved needs to know that the test will return the correct result to the point that they can all reasonably agree on the results.  The one thing a drug test cannot be is inaccurate because so much depends on the result. Express Drug Tests stands by the accuracy of their drug tests.


A good drug test will do more than test for one drug and with good reason. It’s not uncommon for people to use more than one drug and you might want to know all the drugs somebody is taking. Testing for only one drug runs the risk of missing a problem a person may have with a lesser known drug.

Even people who use drugs tests to examine themselves prior to applying for a job will want to test for a multitude of drugs.  This especially true for people who have to take prescription medications for medical conditions.  Many prescription drugs will give positive results during drug tests and the test can help the applicant prepare an explanation for the test result.

This is also helpful for athletes who might be using over the counter supplements to enhance their performance.  Some of those supplements may trigger a positive result and being able to explain it may help in getting the job.  Express Drug Test offers different test kits that cover multiple drugs with one test.

Fast Results

Gone are the days of drug tests results taking weeks to return from the lab.  Depending on the type of test administered and the types of drugs being tested the results can be instantaneous or available from a lab within as little as one to two days.  Quick results will depend up your company’s internal process for hiring or investigations, saving you time and money.

Express Drug Test offers a multitude of solutions for your drug testing situation.  From alcohol screening to multiple panel drug testing, they have the supplies and expertise to help you order the right test.  Additionally, they offer bulk ordering so you will always have a supply on hand at a reasonable price.


Drug Testing Made Easy

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Drug testing provides quick, affordable, and private results to those who need to assure parents, employers, or others, that drugs are or are not present within a person’s body.  With drug usage continuously increasing every day within our society, the importance of drug testing becomes increasingly necessary as well.  Parents, Employees, and Employers striving to keep control of an environment in which  drug usage is rapidly on the rise, the necessity to buy drug tests becomes top priority.  In today’s society, teens and adults are becoming more involved in using drugs.  The well-being and overall health of people is a concern for parents and employers as well.  Buying drug tests enables parents and employers to keep close watch on their loved ones or employees to check their usage or non-usage of drugs.

There are many different drug testing kits that are available on the market today.  The various drug screening choices include:  the hair test, saliva test, alcohol test, specific drug test kits, and even a multiple drug test kit.  When you buy drug tests, there is a complete line of test screening kits which can detect any drugs.   The tests can cover checking for THC, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, PCP-Phencyclidind, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, MDMA, oxycodone, and many more.  The numerous choices enable parents of teens who use drugs to be tested for multiple usage, as well as the employer who is concerned about safety in the work place.

Employers seeking to create a safe environment while improving quality performance, often buy drug tests to achieve this goal.  When an employer needs to buy drug tests, they are often used for pre-employment testing, temporary testing, or even for random testing throughout employment years.  Larger corporate companies often employee hundreds of personnel to bring success to their business, therefore having a drug-free environment is top priority.  Small businesses, with fewer employees, still have the same goal of success in mind and drug-free is important.

For parents of teens involved in the world of drugs today, often seek out help of any kind.  They often buy drug tests in order to keep constant check on the well-being and health of their child.  Often the usage of drugs can be hidden and the ability to check up on teens through drug screening is an asset for parent’s of teens.  One additional feature of the drug testing is privacy.  Often going to the doctor or making appointments with a doctor for testing becomes an overwhelming task.  Drug testing kits available enable privacy in the home and eliminate having to go to a doctor to seek testing.

If the need arises to buy drugs tests the variety, affordability, privacy and quickness of the the kits are available here.  The well-being of children and adults is important and drug screening will provide safe home, school, and work environments.  Making the world a better place is a top priority!


When Is A Drug Test Kit Needed?

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Parents are often put in a difficult situation when they discover their child may be doing drugs. Today, drug screens are a common requirement for employment opportunities, financial aid of any kind, scholarships and athletic programs. A parent can buy drug test kits for home use so they can know first hand if a child or spouse is using a specific drug.

The decision to buy drug test kits often stems from the fact that a parent wants to ensure that their child will be able to pass a drug screen on the first try. A drug screen that shows positive for any type of drug use can cause a future employer, college or coach to have second thoughts about giving the youth a second chance to pass. Many colleges and businesses have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drug use and will not offer a second chance if an applicant tests positive for any type of drug.

Home use drug test kits can be very generic or they can be quite extensive, depending on how much a person wants to pay for the results. The technology that is in place is extremely accurate and can offer results on a variety of drugs. Some tests are capable of detecting certain levels of alcohol if they are administered within a specific time frame.

Parents can use home drug test kits as a way of disciplining children or as a way of offering rewards. The relationship between parent and child must be based on respect and trust if the tests are to be used without fear of resentment for either party. In some cases, children may look at the tests as an invasion of privacy or as an attempt by their parents to control what they do. In reality, it is a safeguard to protect them from poor choices that could eventually cause them to lose important opportunities.

Student athletes are often required to take mandatory drug screens through their school or organization before they can participate in their chosen sport. The slightest risk of a positive result in a drug screen will not only cost them playing time, it can also cost them scholarship opportunities that may only be offered once. Non-profit organizations may also choose to buy drug test kits as a way to ensure their employees and volunteers comply with the rules and regulations that have already been established.

If the choice to buy drug test kits is made, it is important to know which drugs each test is capable of showing and the degree of accuracy with which the test can provide a positive result. It is also important to know what brands are reliable and which ones are known to provide false positives. By doing a little research, a person can learn what kits are best used for certain situations and which ones should be avoided.