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How to Combat the Prevalence of Drugs

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Unfortunately, the prevalence of drugs in the workplace and schools, while decreasing, are still accessible to students and employees. In fact, a recent survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that six out of every 10 students were aware of drugs being procured on school campuses. In fact, more students are smoking marijuana now than just a couple of decades ago. As pertains to the work environment, maintaining a drug free zone is of paramount importance to ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

How to Combat the Prevalence of Drugs

After education, the means to prevent drugs in the work environment must fall to detection. For example, you can buy hair test kits that are fool-proof in their detection of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Surveys show that most people think of marijuana as a largely harmless drug, which leads to many of them – even employees on the job – to thinking it’s okay to smoke it while driving, on break, or after work hours. Research, of course, shows that it can impair one’s judgment significantly, which is the reason you have to take steps to protect the work environment.

To this end, you can buy hair test kits, urine adulteration tests, multi-drug panel tests and tests for alcohol screening from Express Drug Test. As the premier online vendor in South Carolina, our products are predicated on safety, effectiveness and speed of delivery. We service thousands of customers, ranging from the concerned parent, to the private practice and industrial-level client. We understand that maintaining a drug-free environment is a top priority for most customers, and this fact is reflected in our range of solutions – as well as our delivery system.

Select Products from Express Drug Test

Statistics show that students as young as 8th graders are imbibing alcohol; it becomes more of a problem for some as you climb up the ranks. Our Digital Alcohol Detector comes with 5 mouth pieces, a car adapter, 9V battery and carrying case. If you’re a parent and have some concerns about your underage child drinking, this test will help you catch them and ward off future transgressions.

Another cause for concern among school and workplace administrators is the abuse of prescription drugs, which is rising nationwide. Most people obtain these drugs from a friend or family member, and they can be difficult to detect by simply monitoring behavior. Buy hair test kits from Express Drug Test that can detect powerful drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, the THC in marijuana, Ecstasy, hydromorphone and PCP. This test will help you preempt what could otherwise lead to a spiral into drug-dependency.

We also have urine adulteration strips for different kinds of testing, and multi-drug testing with panels of 3, 6 and 10. We offer a small exam gloves and containers for specimen collection to help ensure a drug-free work environment. When you’re ready to bolster your defenses against drug-abuse in your respective environment, give us a call to learn more about what we offer – we ship within a single business day and offer order tracking and status updates.

A Hairy Solution

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Buy hair test kits to ensure prospective employees aren’t up to their eyeballs in a cadre of potent opiates.  The fact is, heroin use is on the increase; right along with MDMA, COC, OPI, THC, AMPH, PCP, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, and others.  One of the reasons for this, ironically, is the war on drugs.  Because of the war on drugs, a reciprocal market has been created and fostered, giving products which otherwise would have little to no value, great value.  If you’ve got a choice between buying a bottle of liquor at a legal store, and buying one for three times the price off the black market, what are you going to choose?  But what if you need your liquor, and there’s no store available?  The same goes for drugs.  Right now America’s drug use is at an all-time high.  The products being sold are too expensive for their actual worth, and they drain society. But when high profile celebrities like Kurt Cobain and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger commonly die by overdosing on heroin, somehow this does more to spread the use of the drug, than to curtail it.  The reason probably has something to do with celebrity worship or subtle influence; there are a million different people who could give you a million different answers.  What is absolutely obvious, though, is that the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be discouraging heroin use.

Heroin is terrible.  Weed may be a boon, and the other drugs listed earlier are certainly no weak hitters.  But Heroin drives people into shells of their former selves. No one wants a junkie on the job site.  Buy hair test kits to ensure no junkies get past your front doors.  When you buy hair test kits, know that they can check hair follicles and see a person’s drug use over many months.  The conversion rate is about two months per inch of hair, and the amount of hair needed is about a shoelace tip’s circumference.  That’s: forty to fifty strands.  After the body has metabolized any sort of drug, this metabolic passage is reflected in the hair itself.

Heroin isn’t the only drug out there that you should buy hair test kits to curtail.  Furthermore, conventional urine and saliva tests don’t have the longevity which you’ll find in hair test kits.  For heavy machinery, there are a number of drugs that should never be touched; among them PCP and THC.  Marijuana is becoming especially popular today.  It is already legal in a number of states; but legality doesn’t necessarily mean an office should have to deal with someone addicted to the substance.  Government positions, educational positions, legal positions, manufacturing positions, heavy work in any sort of scenario, police work, medicine–all these require an individual to be sober-minded and physically viable.  Drugs make a body twitch and hallucinate, and even the most well-versed addicted person is apt to make mistakes based on their drug-induced psychosis.  There are valid reasons to buy hair test kits, and it doesn’t make sense to use other methods which aren’t as comprehensive.

A hair test kit is the most comprehensive means of finding whether or not an individual is a perpetual user of substances.  For legal purposes, for screening purposes–shoot, for parental purposes, if you suspect little Johnny’s been riding the white horses–buy hair test kits!

Finally, a hair test kit is an option which is less difficult than sending hair off to be analyzed.  It gives you the ability to control when and where the sample is tested, also; allowing you to keep an eye on the individual sampled.

Hair Test Kits

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Drug testing through Express Drug Test offers you affordable testing in the privacy of your home or testing of your employees at your workplace. At Express Drug Test you can buy as many or as few tests as you need to accomplish your goals where drug testing is concerned. Prices for the hair drug testing kits vary depending on the amount of tests you wish to purchase.

Drug use in the workforce or in a familial situation can be brought to the surface by using the right hair test kits. Hair drug testing kits for drug usage may be used both professionally (employment related) or personally (home use). You can use hair test kits for a variety of drug abuses which have occurred over periods of time. Several different hair test kits are available for testing under the following circumstances including the following:

• Pre-employment

• Employee accident

• Security

• Employment random testing

• Ensuring a drug free work environment

• Personal home use

The following drugs can be determined by purchasing hair test kits for determining usage of the following drugs:

• Cocaine

• Opiates

• Amphetamines

• PCP-Phencyclidind

• Barbiturates

• Benzodiazepines

• Oxycodone

Using the hair test kits in the privacy of your home can serve many purposes in addition to giving you peace of mind where family members are concerned:

• Determining your children are drug free

• Determining a pre-employment drug test will be negative

• Determining a family member has remained drug free after a problem

• Determining why a family member may be acting out

There are several different models of hair drug testing kits available from Express Drug Test. Each kit tests for different drugs and different levels of drugs found on the hair which originated from the person’s system.

Drugs are found in the hair by traveling through the blood system and entering the hair through the hair follicle. The hair follicle then deposits traces of drugs in the body of the hair. This process takes approximately 7 days. You can use hair drug tests to determine drug use over extended periods of time.

Drug testing kits for the hair are usually more effective than other tests because the cheat factor is lower. For example, one cannot purchase products that will dilute the hair in order to get a false negative on the test.

You may collect the hair strands from different sections of the scalp for the hair testing kit. Generally speaking 100 strands are needed for the test to be effective. And the drug testing kit for the hair is non-invasive. Once the hair is collected it is mailed in the package provided by the retailer, tested, and the results are mailed back to you within a short time-frame of 24 to 48 hours. The entire process is private and the results are confidential. While the drug testing kits for the hair provides information concerning numerous drugs, marijuana use is generally not detected because the HC metabolite does not bind with the hair shaft.

Buy Hair Test Kits

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An effective way of learning about someone’s abuse of drugs is by buying the hair test kit. This kit tests for multiple drugs and can give you a history of drugs abuse of 90 days. There are different hair test kits that are available on the market today. You can buy the hair test kit that meets you needs, and they include;

•    Legal workplace hair tests kit

•    Standard hair follicle drug test kit

•    Illegal and prescription hair follicle drug test kit

•    Express hair follicle drug test kit

How hair test kit work

Each hair test kit you buy applies the same principle and process to determine if there are drugs in the hair. Drugs that are in the blood usually reach the hair through the hair shaft. Within seven days, the hair affect by the drugs will grow above the scalp.

Laboratory analysis

When you buy hair test kits from reputable dealers, they will include shipping to a lab that is qualified for analysis. The hair will be melted and drug molecules embedded in the shaft will be measured. If your sample is positive for drugs, another test will be done to confirm the results. Gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry helps in elimination of false positives.

Buy hair test kits that are easy to use

Hair collection that is used in these kits is usually similar. You need to collect at least 100 strands of hair or more if the hair is fine. If need be, you may collect from different portions of the scalp. When you have cut the hair, you need to put it in the Collection Foil. The strands of hair should be equal in size to the diameter of soda straws.

Difference between tests

As you plan to buy hair test kits, you need to understand the differences. These include;

•    Time taken in processing lab results from test kit

•    Manner results are delivered

•    Whether body hair is accepted or not

In the market today, you can also buy hair test kits for home use. This will be an ideal solution for you as a parent, and you can use it on your loved ones to get accurate and fast results that are cheat proof. The features and benefits of these are;

•    Easy collection of hair samples

•    They are cheat proof as shampoos bleach or hair dyes will not interfere with the results

•    Accurate and fast results as tests are done by nationally recognized and accredited facilities

•    GC/MS confirmation

•    100% confidential and privates as no personal information is required

•    In case of positive results the drugs found are detailed on the results sheet. The exact amounts that are found of drugs will be indicated. This will help you identify if the user is an occasional, daily or constant user of drugs.

•    If the results are negative, it will only be indicated negative

•    Results are available to you within 24 or 48 hours

•    Laboratories used are CLIA Accredited

•    Shipping and lab fees are included

The home hair test kits give you peace of mind knowing that you can test your loved one or teen for drug use with a simple test every three months. The instructions on the kit are simple and easy to follow.

Please note even when you buy the hair test kit there are where the use of marijuana will not be detected as the HC metabolite did not bind with the hair shaft. This may be due to quality or type of marijuana that was ingested or smoked.


The Hair Snip Tip

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Who could ever have guessed that the hairs on your head and body would be so useful for the primary purpose of testing? Who would also have believed that hairs would be one of the primary ways of determining so many factors in the lives of so many? That strand of fine thread-like protein growing in a follicle. It is one of the most defining characteristics to human beings and analysis of it can bring a wealth of information necessary. Hair analysis is utilized in so many cases as it deals with recreational drug testing, DNA, and employee background checks. It is one of the most informative and telling method for providing recent or historical evidence in our lives. It is very widely accepted and used in society today. It is often considered in evidentiary sampling as blood and urine can no longer carry a contaminant within three months.

Hair analysis holds this factor of what is present for a much longer time period. Hair is a fiber covering the human body that has countless advantages to being analyzed as a screening method in the presence of various substances. Providing this analyzation quite effectively is the hair test kit. These basic yet valuable test kits are trusted and proven in detecting any evidence of drugs. It is noninvasive and a low-cost procedure that is quite useful.   The kits can test for a standard panel of drugs or a multi-level grouping and is only limited by your needs.

As it deals with drug detection especially in teens where recreational drug use is prevalent a simple home based hair test kit is the clear answer. The process of going from suspecting to full knowledge of what drugs are present or absent in the body brings a quick peace of mind or ability to take steps to correct this behavior before it may become problematic. The hair test kit is private, affordable and quick. In the desire to have the results right now these kits bring that result. Anyone can do the testing themselves with no prior or particular training. The test process is straight forward with just a few necessary tests. You are capable to administer the test the first time with confidence.

The uses for the hair test kit are growing but can be found in the following settings:

•    Rehabilitation centers

•    Law enforcement

•    Workplace

•    Schools

•    Camps

•    Doctor’s office

Hair test kits have been specifically designed with ease and efficiency in mind. They can test for a range of drugs such as COC, THC, OPI, AMPH (Ecstasy), and PCP, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone and more. These test kits are state of the art technology and equipment to garner the results that anyone is looking for. The steps to the process are simple collection of the hair sample, preparation for the sample to be mailed out following the included instructions, Mail sample out with enclosed mailer. The most difficult step is being patient for the short time it takes for the results to be confirms and available to you. From there the next phase begins. So you see that though the hair test kits may be used for a professional or personal purpose the outcome will be one of safe, timely, and accurate determination. Thanks to the hair test kits your job has been made a bit less complicated.


Why Your Company Should Buy Hair Test Kits

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If you are a business owner, or manager, you have a lot to account for. There is a lot that goes into running a successful business. Above all else, a good staff can make a big difference. While putting your faith in others can be daunting at times, there are ways to earn trust and learn of people’s character. That is why every pre employment screening comes with a background check and drug test. While many companies usually do a mouth swab or urine test to test for drug use, hair tests are becoming more common. Here are a few reasons why using hair to test for drugs is a good idea, and why your company should buy hair test kits.

1. It gives a more detailed history.

Mouth swab tests and urine tests are great for what they are, but they are limited when it comes to detecting long term drug use. For example, a marijuana smoker can stop using for a couple weeks and pass a test no problem. If someone is into something harder, like crystal meth or cocaine, that passes through their system in a couple of days. A heavy drinker just needs to not drink for a day, and they are all set.

While the substances mentioned are not detectable in urine and swab tests on a long term basis, hair is trickier. If the person being tested has a history of drug abuse, you will find out through their hair. Depending on the person’s hair length, it can detect months, or possibly years of abuse.

2. You Cannot Fake It.

Urine tests are the bane of many drug users’ existence. If they have been convicted of a drug related crime, regular drug tests are required by their parole officer. A lot of companies will also not hire them without taking one. However, the more clever users find ways around urine tests. They can buy synthetic urine online, or from specialty shops. They can buy clean urine from one of their friends, or they can buy products that claim to cleanse the drugs from their body. Whatever the case may be, they can find clever loopholes around taking an honest urine test.

Hair tests are different. You can be present when hair is extracted from the person in question, so you know for sure the test results are genuine. When you see the person take out a strand of hair, you will know fully well there are no tricks up their sleeve. It is one of the reasons your company should buy hair test kits.

3. It May Be Unexpected.

As stated before, urine and mouth swab tests have been around for years, and are the standard methods of drug testing just about everywhere. When a current or future employee is readying themselves for a drug test, they likely picture taking one or the other. If they are a drug user, they may tamper with the test as mentioned before. However, if you buy hair test kits, it will catch them off guard. This will help expose any drug addicts in your midst, and put any would be drug users on notice. If you buy hair test kits, you not only have an effective means of detecting drug use, but the element of surprise as well.

Drug tests are common for many businesses. Unfortunately, conventional methods are not entirely foolproof. However, hair tests can give honest, accurate readings of a person’s drug use. They are also tamper proof and will not be expected. For more information, visit today. You will be glad you did.

Hair test kits as One of the Most Credible Ways of Drug Testing

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President Reagan  federally regulated drug tests with an Executive Order in the 1980’s. It was created to protect civilians from intoxicated Department of Transportation workers, truckers, airline pilots and railway engineers. Since that time, drug testing has grown to be very popular with large companies.

Hair test kits have become one of the most credible ways of drug testing today and is utilized by, law agencies, organizations and parents. You can now test anyone from the privacy of your own home with easy to use hair test kits.

Hair test kits are the ideal testing for anyone who need a fast and accurate testing which is simple to perform and is cheater proof.


Simple Hair Sample Collection
Private and Confidential
Quick and Accurate Results
Cheat Proof

Hair Drug Testing Facts
In the U.S., employers that follow testing guidelines normally test for 5 specific classes of drugs. They are:

Cocaine (all kinds)
Amphetamines (amphetamines, methamphetamine, ecstasy(MDMA))
THC (hash, marijuana,edible cannabis products)
Phencyclidine (angel dust, PCP)
Opiates (opium, heroine, codeine, morphine)
Alcohol is tested for in addition to drugs.
Subsequent to using drugs, the toxins are distributed into your bloodstream which then supplies developing hair follicles. Suitably, trace amounts of the drug are distributed into the nucleus of the follicle as it grow and continues to be distributed as long as they remain in the bloodstream. A Normal growth rate for  human hair is approximately an half inch each month. Most hair drug screens require about sixty strands of hair at about 1 and a half inches (about 90 days of growth).  Many labs won’t test less than 1 month of hair growth and will get body hair from different locations with exception from the pubic area.
Drug test laws are different by state and country. Job seekers are normally drug tested for the hiring process, particularly for entry-level jobs. In the U.S.,  a federal agency that requires drug testing must adhere to testing standards set by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Private companies or employers normally have a little more freedom with their testing procedures.

In the U.S., companies that employ commercial drivers are mandated to have a drug test.
Particular employers may require you to get drug tested subsequent to you getting hired. Random drug-tests might be a part of the employment terms, or you might have to undergo testing if you’re involved in an accident at your workplace. Make certain you understand an employee’s drug test policy prior to accepting a job.

Accurate Drugs, Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements are Calculated When You Buy Hair Test Kits

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Medical Professionals, teachers, parents, employers, law enforcement officials and many others now buy hair test kits, due to the highly accurate results from these hair analysis kits. Buy hair test kits and find out how effective this test is for substance abuse. One thing is that many older children and adults did not know that these drugs remain in your system for up to 90-days. This drug test kit shows a clear and concise history of taking illegal and legal drugs.

This kit has many benefits and tells your doctor what your system is lacking in your body, such as calcium, magnesium and chloride. Low vitamin and low mineral supplements lead to an unhealthy path. These test kits offer you a chance to correct an illness before it gains a foothold in your life, such as low calcium leading to osteoporosis.

Blood in the human body is essential for you to stay healthy, free from illnesses and disease. You may be surprised to find out that the blood circulating in your body is the element that helps your hair grow. Your blood collects all the elements that you ingest in your body and eventually these same elements to reach your hair follicles

When you are doing a hair test and you are counting on accuracy, you need at least 110 – 120 strands of hair, that are at least, .5 inches long, cut as close to the scalp as possible. This offers you a 30-day look into the drugs consumed by you over the last 30-days. Never suppose that you can collect hair follicles from a brush or comb and expect it to be accurate. If you want a long history of drug use, you will need to cut longer hair follicles of at least 1.5 inches. You then send your hair to a specialized laboratory to read the results.

You can collect at least 120 hair follicles at various areas on the scalp, and this will not affect the outcome of the results. When you buy hair test kits you find that there is a collection foil. Lay your hair follicles in the same manner on the foil. There is an envelope in which you place the foil holding your hair follicles in order to send the hair sample to the specified laboratory for analysis. Postage is generally included when you buy hair test kits.

Some test kits allow for the collection of body hair versus using scalp hair. You must read the directions on the product pages to see what the differences have between collecting scalp hair versus body hair. Be sure to keep the root ends of the hair aligned when they are placed in the Collection Foil. Put your Foil in the envelope provided and ship it out in the laboratory for analysis.

Drugs are not the only thing that doctors search for in your body. These test kits are a very valuable asset and help doctors to determine what vitamins, minerals, and supplements you may be lacking in your body. For instance, you find that your calcium levels are very low when you have a hair analysis done, and this can lead to osteoporosis. High or low Potassium levels lead to heart problems. Every vitamin and supplement in the human body have a job to do. If you are lacking one of these minerals you will eventually have health problems and disease processes gaining a foothold in your body.

Buy hair test kits for a clear, accurate reading of what you have or do not have in your hair from blood deposits within the hair shafts.