Drug Testing Made Easy

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Drug testing provides quick, affordable, and private results to those who need to assure parents, employers, or others, that drugs are or are not present within a person’s body.  With drug usage continuously increasing every day within our society, the importance of drug testing becomes increasingly necessary as well.  Parents, Employees, and Employers striving to keep control of an environment in which  drug usage is rapidly on the rise, the necessity to buy drug tests becomes top priority.  In today’s society, teens and adults are becoming more involved in using drugs.  The well-being and overall health of people is a concern for parents and employers as well.  Buying drug tests enables parents and employers to keep close watch on their loved ones or employees to check their usage or non-usage of drugs.

There are many different drug testing kits that are available on the market today.  The various drug screening choices include:  the hair test, saliva test, alcohol test, specific drug test kits, and even a multiple drug test kit.  When you buy drug tests, there is a complete line of test screening kits which can detect any drugs.   The tests can cover checking for THC, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, PCP-Phencyclidind, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, MDMA, oxycodone, and many more.  The numerous choices enable parents of teens who use drugs to be tested for multiple usage, as well as the employer who is concerned about safety in the work place.

Employers seeking to create a safe environment while improving quality performance, often buy drug tests to achieve this goal.  When an employer needs to buy drug tests, they are often used for pre-employment testing, temporary testing, or even for random testing throughout employment years.  Larger corporate companies often employee hundreds of personnel to bring success to their business, therefore having a drug-free environment is top priority.  Small businesses, with fewer employees, still have the same goal of success in mind and drug-free is important.

For parents of teens involved in the world of drugs today, often seek out help of any kind.  They often buy drug tests in order to keep constant check on the well-being and health of their child.  Often the usage of drugs can be hidden and the ability to check up on teens through drug screening is an asset for parent’s of teens.  One additional feature of the drug testing is privacy.  Often going to the doctor or making appointments with a doctor for testing becomes an overwhelming task.  Drug testing kits available enable privacy in the home and eliminate having to go to a doctor to seek testing.

If the need arises to buy drugs tests the variety, affordability, privacy and quickness of the the kits are available here.  The well-being of children and adults is important and drug screening will provide safe home, school, and work environments.  Making the world a better place is a top priority!


Buy Hair Test Kits

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An effective way of learning about someone’s abuse of drugs is by buying the hair test kit. This kit tests for multiple drugs and can give you a history of drugs abuse of 90 days. There are different hair test kits that are available on the market today. You can buy the hair test kit that meets you needs, and they include;

•    Legal workplace hair tests kit

•    Standard hair follicle drug test kit

•    Illegal and prescription hair follicle drug test kit

•    Express hair follicle drug test kit

How hair test kit work

Each hair test kit you buy applies the same principle and process to determine if there are drugs in the hair. Drugs that are in the blood usually reach the hair through the hair shaft. Within seven days, the hair affect by the drugs will grow above the scalp.

Laboratory analysis

When you buy hair test kits from reputable dealers, they will include shipping to a lab that is qualified for analysis. The hair will be melted and drug molecules embedded in the shaft will be measured. If your sample is positive for drugs, another test will be done to confirm the results. Gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry helps in elimination of false positives.

Buy hair test kits that are easy to use

Hair collection that is used in these kits is usually similar. You need to collect at least 100 strands of hair or more if the hair is fine. If need be, you may collect from different portions of the scalp. When you have cut the hair, you need to put it in the Collection Foil. The strands of hair should be equal in size to the diameter of soda straws.

Difference between tests

As you plan to buy hair test kits, you need to understand the differences. These include;

•    Time taken in processing lab results from test kit

•    Manner results are delivered

•    Whether body hair is accepted or not

In the market today, you can also buy hair test kits for home use. This will be an ideal solution for you as a parent, and you can use it on your loved ones to get accurate and fast results that are cheat proof. The features and benefits of these are;

•    Easy collection of hair samples

•    They are cheat proof as shampoos bleach or hair dyes will not interfere with the results

•    Accurate and fast results as tests are done by nationally recognized and accredited facilities

•    GC/MS confirmation

•    100% confidential and privates as no personal information is required

•    In case of positive results the drugs found are detailed on the results sheet. The exact amounts that are found of drugs will be indicated. This will help you identify if the user is an occasional, daily or constant user of drugs.

•    If the results are negative, it will only be indicated negative

•    Results are available to you within 24 or 48 hours

•    Laboratories used are CLIA Accredited

•    Shipping and lab fees are included

The home hair test kits give you peace of mind knowing that you can test your loved one or teen for drug use with a simple test every three months. The instructions on the kit are simple and easy to follow.

Please note even when you buy the hair test kit there are where the use of marijuana will not be detected as the HC metabolite did not bind with the hair shaft. This may be due to quality or type of marijuana that was ingested or smoked.


The Hair Snip Tip

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Who could ever have guessed that the hairs on your head and body would be so useful for the primary purpose of testing? Who would also have believed that hairs would be one of the primary ways of determining so many factors in the lives of so many? That strand of fine thread-like protein growing in a follicle. It is one of the most defining characteristics to human beings and analysis of it can bring a wealth of information necessary. Hair analysis is utilized in so many cases as it deals with recreational drug testing, DNA, and employee background checks. It is one of the most informative and telling method for providing recent or historical evidence in our lives. It is very widely accepted and used in society today. It is often considered in evidentiary sampling as blood and urine can no longer carry a contaminant within three months.

Hair analysis holds this factor of what is present for a much longer time period. Hair is a fiber covering the human body that has countless advantages to being analyzed as a screening method in the presence of various substances. Providing this analyzation quite effectively is the hair test kit. These basic yet valuable test kits are trusted and proven in detecting any evidence of drugs. It is noninvasive and a low-cost procedure that is quite useful.   The kits can test for a standard panel of drugs or a multi-level grouping and is only limited by your needs.

As it deals with drug detection especially in teens where recreational drug use is prevalent a simple home based hair test kit is the clear answer. The process of going from suspecting to full knowledge of what drugs are present or absent in the body brings a quick peace of mind or ability to take steps to correct this behavior before it may become problematic. The hair test kit is private, affordable and quick. In the desire to have the results right now these kits bring that result. Anyone can do the testing themselves with no prior or particular training. The test process is straight forward with just a few necessary tests. You are capable to administer the test the first time with confidence.

The uses for the hair test kit are growing but can be found in the following settings:

•    Rehabilitation centers

•    Law enforcement

•    Workplace

•    Schools

•    Camps

•    Doctor’s office

Hair test kits have been specifically designed with ease and efficiency in mind. They can test for a range of drugs such as COC, THC, OPI, AMPH (Ecstasy), and PCP, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone and more. These test kits are state of the art technology and equipment to garner the results that anyone is looking for. The steps to the process are simple collection of the hair sample, preparation for the sample to be mailed out following the included instructions, Mail sample out with enclosed mailer. The most difficult step is being patient for the short time it takes for the results to be confirms and available to you. From there the next phase begins. So you see that though the hair test kits may be used for a professional or personal purpose the outcome will be one of safe, timely, and accurate determination. Thanks to the hair test kits your job has been made a bit less complicated.


When Is A Drug Test Kit Needed?

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Parents are often put in a difficult situation when they discover their child may be doing drugs. Today, drug screens are a common requirement for employment opportunities, financial aid of any kind, scholarships and athletic programs. A parent can buy drug test kits for home use so they can know first hand if a child or spouse is using a specific drug.

The decision to buy drug test kits often stems from the fact that a parent wants to ensure that their child will be able to pass a drug screen on the first try. A drug screen that shows positive for any type of drug use can cause a future employer, college or coach to have second thoughts about giving the youth a second chance to pass. Many colleges and businesses have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drug use and will not offer a second chance if an applicant tests positive for any type of drug.

Home use drug test kits can be very generic or they can be quite extensive, depending on how much a person wants to pay for the results. The technology that is in place is extremely accurate and can offer results on a variety of drugs. Some tests are capable of detecting certain levels of alcohol if they are administered within a specific time frame.

Parents can use home drug test kits as a way of disciplining children or as a way of offering rewards. The relationship between parent and child must be based on respect and trust if the tests are to be used without fear of resentment for either party. In some cases, children may look at the tests as an invasion of privacy or as an attempt by their parents to control what they do. In reality, it is a safeguard to protect them from poor choices that could eventually cause them to lose important opportunities.

Student athletes are often required to take mandatory drug screens through their school or organization before they can participate in their chosen sport. The slightest risk of a positive result in a drug screen will not only cost them playing time, it can also cost them scholarship opportunities that may only be offered once. Non-profit organizations may also choose to buy drug test kits as a way to ensure their employees and volunteers comply with the rules and regulations that have already been established.

If the choice to buy drug test kits is made, it is important to know which drugs each test is capable of showing and the degree of accuracy with which the test can provide a positive result. It is also important to know what brands are reliable and which ones are known to provide false positives. By doing a little research, a person can learn what kits are best used for certain situations and which ones should be avoided.

Drug Test Kits – You Don’t Always Need What You Pay For

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Did you ever wonder why it costs so much more to buy drug test kits from a local retailer than it does to purchase them online?  The average cost of a single marijuana drug test kit at brick and mortar stores is $13.77, while Express Drug Test sells a single marijuana drug test kit for a mere $1.15.

Why such a large discrepancy in cost?  Your local drugstore or mass merchandiser sells drug kits that automatically include the added cost of laboratory testing.  It sort of defeats the purpose of home drug testing, doesn’t it?

That being said, you may want to follow up with laboratory testing if your home test kit shows a positive result and you want to rule out the possibility of a false positive reading.  False positive results occur when there is another drug or chemical in your system.  For example, if you take Zantac to treat Acid Reflux Disease, a false positive on a Meth drug test can occur.  Chances are, however, you will not need laboratory testing, and you can’t get that money back once it is spent.

At Express Drug Test, our goal is to provide you with fast, easy and affordable drug test kits with no hidden or unnecessary costs.  We provide a full line of drug test kits, from single test kits to ten-panel drug test kits, and a variety of test types, such as hair, saliva and alcohol tests and all at the lowest possible price.  We also offer price discounts as high as 50% if you buy test kits in bulk of ten or more.

Why buy in bulk?  In addition to home drug testing, test kits are useful in a number of other areas, such as:

  • Your place of business – for pre-employment checks or routine drug testing
  • Schools and colleges – for substance abuse checks among students
  • Athletic groups – for routine testing to check for banned substances
  • Law enforcement – to ensure compliance of those on probation
  • Rehabilitation centers – to ensure compliance of clients to remain drug free

In addition to the convenience and savings we provide, all test kits are designed for your ease of use as well.  Testing procedures are simple and results are fast, within minutes.  One of the tests we offer is an Integrated Cup Test, which is a specimen container that has the test already built into it.  With this particular test, you never have to handle the actual urine specimen.  Instead, you simply peel the label off of the cup to see the results.

So instead of paying for what you don’t need, pay less for what you want:  fast, easy, affordable, high quality testing supplies from Express Drug Test.  There is no order minimum, and all of our test kits are sent discreetly in unmarked envelopes or boxes to protect your privacy.


Which Drug Test Kit Do You Need?

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Drug tests are available for a variety of purposes. They can be purchased by parents as well as schools and employers to ensure that drugs are not being misused. While some people question the use of drug test kits by parents, many do so as a way of making sure their children do not become addicted to recreational drugs.

Types of Drug Test Kits

There are several different drug tests on the market. 5 and 7 panel drug tests are commonly used by parents who want fast results when determining if their children are using any type of illegal drugs. 5 panel drug screens check for cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, amphetamines and opiates. Most will register rather small amounts, while test kits of lesser quality require a higher amount of the drug to be present for a conclusive reading. 7 panel screens check for benzodiazepines, phencyclidine and barbituates in addition to the drugs that are included in the 5 panel drug tests. There are also drug test kits that test a person’s hair. Hair follicle tests are rather expensive, but they are considered more accurate than a urine screen.

What Are They Good For?

Drug test kits that are designed for home or consumer use serve several purposes. Some professionals do not recommend parents drug testing their children, while others claim that if it is approached in the right way, many children will not have a problem with it. The fact is more and more schools are requiring students to submit a urine sample for testing before they are allowed to participate in many school sports and other extracurricular activities.

Parents who take the initiative and are proactive when it comes to ensuring their children are not doing drugs provide their children with opportunities they may not otherwise have had. Parents may also choose to drug test their children if they live in areas where drug use and other types of criminal activity are present.

Drug test kits are not always used for children. In some cases, adults who take prescription medications may choose to test themselves to make sure all of their medication is out of their system before they apply for a job or submit to a drug screen through their employer. Even though the use of prescription drugs is completely legal, it can have a devastating impact if a person is found to have taken them while performing their duties at work.

Are Home Drug Test Kits Reliable?

Home drug tests are reliable if the directions are carefully followed. Some drug tests kits are of higher quality than others, but the majority test in much the same way and guarantee a certain degree of accuracy by the manufacturer. 1, 5 and 7 panel drug screen kits are considered to be the most popular and are considered to be extremely accurate. 10 panel drug test kits and hair follicle test kits are the most expensive and are thought to be of the highest quality when it comes to receiving fast, effective and extremely accurate results.

Get the Drug Tests You Need

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Express Drug Test is all about getting you the results you need as quickly as humanly possibly.  Buy drug tests from Express in order to have that peace of mind you need.  They’re not only limited to drug tests, either.  Express Drug Test does hair tests, alcohol screenings, integrated cup 2 tests, multi-line, multi-drug tests; multi-drug panel tests, single drug tests, and urine adulteration tests.  Furthermore they offer a number of supplies that are necessary in the drug testing process; like gloves, or specimen collection apparatuses.

There are a multitude of individuals who could benefit from drug screening.  Parents may be looking at their son Johnny, who’s decided to go by the moniker “J-dizzle” and wear a variety of golden chains which aren’t really golden, eschewing belts like the plague and wearing his hat sideways.  He also comes home extremely hungry, won’t make eye-contact, and just sits like a toad on the couch all day.  This isn’t the little Johnny you raised from his infancy.  This J-dizzle can’t be your son; he must be on drugs!  Well buy drug tests and see.  Express Drug Tests has all kinds.  If you don’t know the specifics, you can do a multiple line.  There are many, many options.

Employers especially need drug tests, because certain occupations definitely require sobriety.  Certain things involving heavy machinery, driving, surveillance, instruction, or government work must necessarily have clear-headed individuals at task. If there is any suspicion whatsoever of substance abuse, it must be revealed.  This can be a matter of life and death in some cases.  In others it can be a matter of the company’s salvation.  If an employee does something that kills someone else because he’s tripping on a hallucinogenic substance in the backhoe, there’s no reason for Bob’s Construction to go under.  Bob can just jog over to his truck, grab the test, and Give J-dizzle a screening.

Express Drug Test wants to make it easy, quick, and inexpensive to get your testing materials immediately.  Tests can be ordered online, or even a phone call can be made if that’s more convenient.  The phone number is 1-866-679-4373.  In fact, even faxes are accepted.

Furthermore, Express Drug Test has class.  They’re fully aware that privacy is of the utmost importance in all transactions, and so conduct themselves accordingly.

Which brings an entirely separate angle into play: if you yourself are a user, or have used before, and have an important job or family gathering in the near future, it may behoove you to test yourself, in order to see if the previous substance abuse has gotten out of your system yet.  Sometimes to be clean requires a number of years, sometimes a number of months, sometimes a number of days.  And the rate at which the body cycles through toxins like drugs depends largely on the activity of the body in question.  Some active individuals have faster metabolisms that will cycle the toxins out quicker, some don’t–there’s no surefire way to know unless you test yourself, and if you buy drug tests from Express Drug Test, you know you’ll get a good price and professional service, in conjunction with exceptionally quick delivery of the apparatus in question.

If you’re part of the hire/fire faction of the work place, there’s no reason not to order a bulk supply of Express Drug Test products.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and wouldn’t it be better to always have a test on site, than to have to acquire one in the wake of an incident?

Buy drug tests from Express Drug Test, and save.

Perfect Screening with Drug Test Kits

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In order to make sure employees are clean and able to focus on their jobs, performing a drug test is often necessary. Government jobs may require a drug test, and those who are on some sort of court ordered probation may need to come in for a drug test. No matter the reason, having the necessary equipment on hand to perform the drug tests is essential. The drug tests are not expensive, but having the material readily available to conduct the tests is a must. Many of these individuals must have a test conducted on a specific date and even at a specific time. Others are going to miss out on jobs if they do not have a test performed. That is exactly why Express Drug Test makes it possible to order drug test kits directly through your computer. Whether you are ordering from the office or if you are conducting work at home, if there is a kind of test you need, Express Drug Test has you covered.

Different Kinds of Tests

There are different kinds of drug test kits available from Express Drug Test. It all just depends on what you are looking for. Alcohol screening is a common test needed for court appointed tests. Hair tests used used to not only test for a variety of drugs but it can determine how long a drug has been in the system. Integrated cup 2 tests are available through Express Drug Test, as the multi-drug multi-line test. Some of the other options you can look into include a multi-drug panel test, single drug tests if you are looking to screen or test for specific drugs in the system, or the urine adulteration test. All of the tests can be ordered in bulk, which in turn brings down the average price of everything, so you do not need to worry about it. Ordering the drug test kids in bulk also helps keep the price down for the patient’s and those performing the tests as well.

Additional Supplies

While Express Drug Test does focus the majority of its efforts on providing quality tests, it does also sell some additional supplies as well. This includes gloves and specimen collection offerings. After all, you want to keep it hygienic but also make sure you obtain the best test sample possible. Instead of looking outward towards other service providers, all you need to do is look towards Express Drug Test and you are going to find everything you need when you order drug test kits online.

Help Ordering

If you are required to conduct specific tests, you may need a bit of help locating the right test. There are a few different ways you can reach out for assistance when you order drug test kits online. First, you can type in the drug you are looking to test or the form of testing into the keywords search bar at the top of the screen. You can also use the FAQ section for some of the more common questions. If this is your first time ordering test kits through the service, it is easy to become a bit confused as to what exactly you need. If you would rather have one on one assistance, you can email the company based in Fountain Inn, South Carolina or you can contact the company through the toll free number. It doesn’t matter what you are looking, it just matters that you find it, and with Express Drug Test, you can find exactly what you need.

When you order drug test kits online, make sure to turn to professionals.

Why Your Company Should Buy Hair Test Kits

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If you are a business owner, or manager, you have a lot to account for. There is a lot that goes into running a successful business. Above all else, a good staff can make a big difference. While putting your faith in others can be daunting at times, there are ways to earn trust and learn of people’s character. That is why every pre employment screening comes with a background check and drug test. While many companies usually do a mouth swab or urine test to test for drug use, hair tests are becoming more common. Here are a few reasons why using hair to test for drugs is a good idea, and why your company should buy hair test kits.

1. It gives a more detailed history.

Mouth swab tests and urine tests are great for what they are, but they are limited when it comes to detecting long term drug use. For example, a marijuana smoker can stop using for a couple weeks and pass a test no problem. If someone is into something harder, like crystal meth or cocaine, that passes through their system in a couple of days. A heavy drinker just needs to not drink for a day, and they are all set.

While the substances mentioned are not detectable in urine and swab tests on a long term basis, hair is trickier. If the person being tested has a history of drug abuse, you will find out through their hair. Depending on the person’s hair length, it can detect months, or possibly years of abuse.

2. You Cannot Fake It.

Urine tests are the bane of many drug users’ existence. If they have been convicted of a drug related crime, regular drug tests are required by their parole officer. A lot of companies will also not hire them without taking one. However, the more clever users find ways around urine tests. They can buy synthetic urine online, or from specialty shops. They can buy clean urine from one of their friends, or they can buy products that claim to cleanse the drugs from their body. Whatever the case may be, they can find clever loopholes around taking an honest urine test.

Hair tests are different. You can be present when hair is extracted from the person in question, so you know for sure the test results are genuine. When you see the person take out a strand of hair, you will know fully well there are no tricks up their sleeve. It is one of the reasons your company should buy hair test kits.

3. It May Be Unexpected.

As stated before, urine and mouth swab tests have been around for years, and are the standard methods of drug testing just about everywhere. When a current or future employee is readying themselves for a drug test, they likely picture taking one or the other. If they are a drug user, they may tamper with the test as mentioned before. However, if you buy hair test kits, it will catch them off guard. This will help expose any drug addicts in your midst, and put any would be drug users on notice. If you buy hair test kits, you not only have an effective means of detecting drug use, but the element of surprise as well.

Drug tests are common for many businesses. Unfortunately, conventional methods are not entirely foolproof. However, hair tests can give honest, accurate readings of a person’s drug use. They are also tamper proof and will not be expected. For more information, visit www.expressdrugtest.com today. You will be glad you did.

Hair test kits as One of the Most Credible Ways of Drug Testing

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President Reagan  federally regulated drug tests with an Executive Order in the 1980’s. It was created to protect civilians from intoxicated Department of Transportation workers, truckers, airline pilots and railway engineers. Since that time, drug testing has grown to be very popular with large companies.

Hair test kits have become one of the most credible ways of drug testing today and is utilized by, law agencies, organizations and parents. You can now test anyone from the privacy of your own home with easy to use hair test kits.

Hair test kits are the ideal testing for anyone who need a fast and accurate testing which is simple to perform and is cheater proof.


Simple Hair Sample Collection
Private and Confidential
Quick and Accurate Results
Cheat Proof

Hair Drug Testing Facts
In the U.S., employers that follow testing guidelines normally test for 5 specific classes of drugs. They are:

Cocaine (all kinds)
Amphetamines (amphetamines, methamphetamine, ecstasy(MDMA))
THC (hash, marijuana,edible cannabis products)
Phencyclidine (angel dust, PCP)
Opiates (opium, heroine, codeine, morphine)
Alcohol is tested for in addition to drugs.
Subsequent to using drugs, the toxins are distributed into your bloodstream which then supplies developing hair follicles. Suitably, trace amounts of the drug are distributed into the nucleus of the follicle as it grow and continues to be distributed as long as they remain in the bloodstream. A Normal growth rate for  human hair is approximately an half inch each month. Most hair drug screens require about sixty strands of hair at about 1 and a half inches (about 90 days of growth).  Many labs won’t test less than 1 month of hair growth and will get body hair from different locations with exception from the pubic area.
Drug test laws are different by state and country. Job seekers are normally drug tested for the hiring process, particularly for entry-level jobs. In the U.S.,  a federal agency that requires drug testing must adhere to testing standards set by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Private companies or employers normally have a little more freedom with their testing procedures.

In the U.S., companies that employ commercial drivers are mandated to have a drug test.
Particular employers may require you to get drug tested subsequent to you getting hired. Random drug-tests might be a part of the employment terms, or you might have to undergo testing if you’re involved in an accident at your workplace. Make certain you understand an employee’s drug test policy prior to accepting a job.