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Drug Testing Information

- Do I need special skills or training to administer the drug tests?
No. All our test kits are simple and easy to use, even if you have never administered any self-test before.

- What are some of the uses of drug tests?
Our test kits are useful in a number of areas. Some of these include:
- Workplace, for pre/post employment checks and regular check ups
- Schools and colleges, for substance abuse among students
- Rehabilitation centers and asylums, for substance abuse among inmates
- Law enforcement, for conducting judicial proceedings
- Athletic camps and meets, for testing athletes for banned substances

- What are the testing procedures for your products?
Our test kits have been designed such that the testing procedures are very simple. For example, to use a panel card or test strip, you hold the card/strip in your hand and dip it into a cup containing urine specimen. The results are obtained quickly within minutes. An Integrated Cup is a specimen container that has the drug test built into it. Virtually no handling of urine sample is required. After obtaining the urine specimen, simply peel the label on the cup and view the results.

- Can one test be used for all the possible drugs of abuse?
No, it cannot. Each drug needs a specific test. We do offer multi-drug tests – up to 10 drugs can be tested at a time.

- In a multi-drug test, how will I know which drug tests positive?
Each panel shows the positive or negative result for a particular drug or drug category. So you know at a glance which drug you have tested positive for if there is one red line on the test strip.

- If I receive a positive drug test result, what should I do?
Confirm that it is indeed positive through a laboratory test. There are some prescription ingredients which the drug tests may react to. A laboratory method will then look for the specific substance that caused the test to show positive.

Ordering Information

- Is there a minimum order that must be placed?
No, there is no order minimum. However, ordering in bulk will save you time & money in shipping fees.

- Do you ship discretely?
Yes, all of our tests are shipped in unmarked boxes or envelopes to protect your privacy.

- What is your return policy?
We are happy to accept returns on stock items for reasons other than unsatisfactory quality. However, the items must be unopenned and unused. There are expenses such as repacking, inventory adjustment and account adjustment. We, therefore, must charge a restocking fee of Twenty-five percent (25%). Before returning any items to us, you must first call customer service at 1-866-679-4373 for a return materials authorization (RMA) number. Any items returned without an RMA number will be refused.